Forcing birds to reroute means they die.

NatureScience: Lindude levik ja arvukus muutus pärast OWF tuulepargi rajamist 10 km distantsil 53% madalamaks.

The turbulence of a small windmill looks like this. Please review this top rated Springer research!

Result : Migrating bird loose their energy and die by hit or of exhaution later.

Turbulence windmill 1

Migrating birds fly around our globe and that’s not easy. Nowhere to land and man-made turbulence is an evolutionary experiment for birds. The reroute and that means great risk. Do not mess with animal migration patterns. A similar to underwater vibration and low-frequency sounds.

More independent research must be done! Estonia Energy obstructs all research. The brochure given to us by the (partly Russian owned!) builders do not show the hight.

New research is demanded first! Estonian Energy is hiding from their duty to do proper research themselves in time. Bird expert Mati Kose is paid by Estonian Energy too. his research is now made secret by Estonian Energy’s last work was on the vibration disturbing killing fish eggs and the migration corridor bird radar on Kihnu. We need to rely on foreign experts. Science has been compromised. The democratic dialog is at stake.

Trust and good faith have been lost and we will ask the court to turn around a load of evidence before the court. Proceeding in good faith is the core of any legal system. Democracy is getting undermined. Energy security is at stake by false narratives. It’s not the people who must research, but the energy company who must prove that the windmill turbulence damage is acceptable. Upfront and court-approved independent research tender funding guarantees paid upfront to locked accounts. Scientists paid by Estonian Energy must transfer their contracts to our independent foundation to guard a fair democratic dialog. The fact that Estonia Energy cheats us by NOT telling people what kind of windmill and wings they buy must be punished. Cheating and bribing cannot be accepted in front of any democracy hearing. Estonia Energy deeply disappointed all and better leaves the scene for now and comes back when their homework is done. Bribing asks for prosecution.

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