23.05.2022 Public EU Call for evidence ON EU-Environment-Agency-performance-evaluation

European Environment Agency – 2017-2021 performance evaluation L EAD DG – RESPONSIBLE UNIT DG ENV A3
Jaagupi Sadam Public EU Call for evidence Eu call Ares(2022)371113 ON Energy consultation

Update 18.7.2022

Eesti suhtes algatatud rikkumismenetluste arv üha kasvab
Euroopa Komisjoni algatatud rikkumismenetluste arv Eesti suhtes on viimasel neljal aastal järjepidevalt kasvanud, kuid Eesti on ikkagi üks kõige paremini Euroopa Liidu õigusakte üle võtnud liikmesriike.









EU Public Feedback reference F3263181
Submitted on 23 May 2022
Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
Jaagupi Harbor foundation

Dear members of the enviromental consultation Commission,

We ask the EC to act on your Infringement decisions calling on Estonia to bring its national legislation in line with the EU Habitats Directive (Directive 92/43/EEC) and the Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive (Directive 2001/42/EC) (9 June 2021 /inf_21_2743)

A most complete updated fraud case we add as Pdf (Apendix. U. Sõõrumaale 28.03.2022_app_.pdf/LINK Email PDF&U. Sõõrumaale 28.03.2022_app_). There was no reply on the letter and digital confirmed received letters in the appendix. Just like Estonia doesn’t act on EC to act on Infringement decisions. This includes (Partly Russian) industrial corruption.

Following failing planning events show that your slow action on your infringement harms.

The Your personal gift of Von Leyen of a sea powercable during your last visit is part of this planning scandal harming local fisherman. The letter above describes the fraud done with Von Leyen her “present” updated March 2022.

This letter is describes the police the tender fraud.(bypassing EU tender rules too)(Appendix 2). The “investor” aimed to block fisherman to get cheap exclusive access to the Liivi Bay sea. Sadly prime minister Kaja Kallas worked for this “investor” until end last year. The fishing harbor (Jaagupi.eu) stands for a decade long battle of fisherman against the government(incl. EU subsidization fraud). The parish decided that the harbour belongs to the fisherman. The people voted against the pro-wind-farm local leadership that has been replaced. National elections are upcoming and 50/50. Please correct & act the affair harms the EU.

The failing planning leaded to these criminal charges against state planning advisory & the state Estonian Energy company Eesti Energiahttps://www.eitapjatuulikutele.eu/kihnu-haliade-x-14/ In this criminal case the height/amount(/location)is kept hided throughout the planning procedure to gain advantage. (Appendix 1).

In this letter to the president of Estonia you see that all data/models/research is compromised and doesn’t meet the EU open science criteria. Our president was a former Rector Magnificus of the Tartu university that tells here that there is still no open Science policy in Estonia. It’s impossible to make evidence based decisions & do planning if you compromise science. Our letters give grave examples of compromised science/planning. You are a doctor, please act! https://www.eitapjatuulikutele.eu/ec/

Summarizing the wind farm business in Estonia. It simply work this way. Energy companies go directly to the Estonian local governments and offer them “compensation” without research or any specification. Later all activities/permits are sold. Subsidization and eternal sea-rights are the values traded to third parties (abroad, like the Russians!). The entire wind-farm business is focused on governmental subsidization&permits only. When the bribing is done, limited/not open research done by “own” people.

Lacking proper research the real cost or economic damage to the parish is unknown. Compensating locals becomes bribing when the real cost to the one who is harmed is kept unknown deliberately.

The wind farms economic feasibility study is entirely missing. EU (economic) market principles are bypassed. Probably the wind-farms never arrive. All forgot that there is less wind in Estonia and a lot of sea ice. The long expensive sea cables were also not in the planning as a cost. Just like decommissioning(recycling) is refused as cost. Maintenance in the frozen sea by companies 2000 km away too. Above all you do need profit&healthy management that does not produce scam plans like this. Even the best wind farms are subsidized and therefore not profitable. Estonian wind-farms are less profitable. But guess, all the world applies for them. Thanks to the wind-farm planning bookkeeping scam. There was virtual unlimited requests for cabling&wind-farms in 2020. The parishes returned all to the State in this letter. http://atp.amphora.ee/haademeestevv/index.aspx?itm=105563

To make matters worse. There is even a new Estonian wind-farm compensation law pending. Offering correct compensation without examining the real cost is uneconomic(against art.5. of the Estonian constitution). Planning is is done to promote more desirable social and environmental outcomes as well as a more efficient use of resources. Research and EU laws are ignored by this law. The first articles of the Baltic sea agreement stress open fair science. Your Infringement decisions (9 June 2021 /inf_21_2743) are joked by the draft compensation law.

We describe a systemic problem. On Forest the same violations by the same actors. Sadly our similar letters blocked Rail Baltic. We were upset when coastal pine forest (larger and more beautiful than on the Frisian North sea islands) were felt on the exact place were your cables were expected. (Without a permit, the fine they took/just paid).

Estonia is EU best door (left) to Russia/Asia. Far best positioned to defend EU values &control. Like Von Leyen own family (Ludwig von Knoop), founded the largest cotton factory of Europe in Estonia (Narva,1857). The deeply rooted in Lower Saxony Hanze trade values should be used properly. We could build an EU Asia electrical super train with best digital administration alternatively. Biding the entire east. Even Putin and a large part of his leadership is from this region. Trade prevents wars & mass migration at Estonia doorsteps. Please do not Loose Estonia like Ludwig von Knoop did by supporting the Russian Revolution.

The man-made energy crisis can cause a man-made war. US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken said. “What’s happening in Ukraine is not only about Ukraine. It’s part of a broader pattern of destabilizing, dangerous, and often illegal behaviour by Moscow as it tries to build a sphere of influence that covers the countries that were once under Soviet dominion,” Sad to see both EU & Russia topple Estonia. Your family belonged to the Europe’s industrial leadership during last century. please do right.

Please look at what matters here. More people leave than come here(both our parish&Estonia). Smart People do leave. Vote with their feet. It’s unstable like climate change. A complex system with a tipping point. Estonia definitely goes first, before the climate.

We ask you to act on your infringement decision now. We ask you to protect our fishing industry & tourism that stabilises our nation. We manage with that. We ask you to respect our young nation.

We ask your commission to punish the EU profiteers directly. State aid violations (https://ec.europa.eu/competition-policy/state-aid/legislation_en). & Stock exchange laws show aid & stock-profit are based upon hijacked wind-farm sea planning your commission disproves.

Yours sincerely,


Jaan Tamm

APENDIDIX: https://www.eitapjatuulikutele.eu/email-4-4-2022-email-peaminister-kaja-kallas-utilitase-energiakorruptsioon-jaagupi-kalasadamas/

Appendix Letter Estonian President Alar Karis

Original PDF

Estonian President Alar Karis

Vabariigi Presidendi Kantselei
A. Weizenbergi 39, 15050 Tallinn
631 6202, vpinfo@vpk.ee


Topic: Liivi Bay planning exploited by state-owned Eesti Energia. EU laws & science are bypassed. Harming the economy, environment, democracy & Estonian constitution. Kaja Kallas quick push(18.01.2022)to quickly ignore all laws & logic and decide on wind-farms now doesn’t bring new arguments or dispute ours.

Honorable President,

– intro –

We turn to you for the implementation of EU law in Estonia like you did in the Postimees. https://leht.postimees.ee/7356626/alar-karis-euroopa-liidu-linnukeel-tuleb-eesti-keelde-panna. We turn to you as former Rector Magnificus to care science is applied correctly. We turn to you as guardian of the constitution that there is a valid economic business for windfarms as article 5 of the constitution demands. We ask you to protect Estonia against Greenflation (=green inflation) by protecting the stance & task of the Eesti Pank given in the constitutional Eesti Pank law. We turn to you as commander in chief because the entire social-economic fabric of Estonia is at risk.

We write you in English to involve other EU bodies like the EC that issued an infringement decision mentioned below. We also wrote several mostly answered Estonian letters we quote later. Throughout this letter we call all to repair the democratic dialog, embrace EU law & open science.

– Background. the European Commission infringement decision to improve planning (calling on Estonia 9 June 2021)-

EU ordered Estonia (Inf_21_2743 https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/inf_21_2743)

to bring its national legislation in line with the EU Habitats Directive (Directive 92/43/EEC) and the Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive (Directive 2001/42/EC) (9 June 2021 /inf_21_2743). What happens in Häädemeeste is a brute repetition of the Estonian high court verdict on Hiiumaa. We present a similar brute case where EU sea planning Science exploits in Häädemeeste Parish.

The entire sea planning was canceled in summer 2021. It was very incomplete the environmental minister wrote. Partly based on similar argumentation we bring in this letter. The finance minister ignores all shortages now. Finally, we quote the former head of the parish that writes that the Liivi Bay planning is invalid.

-a recent admission of the Estonian government doing wrong –

The Rahandusministeerium came upfront to the same premature conclusion as after our righteous letters. Rahandusministeeriumi planeeringute osakonnajuhataja asetäitja Triin Lepland ütles. ERR, 05.01.2022 https://www.err.ee/1608456179/uusi-meretuuleparke-voimaldav-mereala-planeering-jouab-varsti-valitsusse

Triin lepland ignored all planning shortages we wrote also to you and tells we can continue.
“Tõenäoliselt tuleb uus planeeringumenetlus teha. Aga otsust….”The Finance minister(rahandusminister), Keit Pentus-Rosimannus calls on Facebook to “move on”. Just like Kaja Kallas on 18.01.2022. Bypassing law, science, economic logic & even national security.

rahandusminister, Keit Pentus-Rosimannus
Keit Pentus-Rosimannus FB blog.

– our recent governmental correspondence & facts –

Our letters are: Email to the finance minister, Skepast & Puhkimil on the Liivi lahe tuulepargi KMH 3.1.2022. https://www.jaagupie.eu/SKEPAST_PUHKIM.pdfand to the same parties 21.12.2021. http://www.jaagupi.eu/LIIVI_LAHE_ERIPLANEERING_21dec2021.pdf

We gave clear arguments & facts, you received cc by the mail of January 3-rd2022. (https://jaagupi.eu/Vastus_Eesti_mereala_planeeringule_esitatud_arvamusele.pdfhttps://www.eitapjatuulikutele.eu/sciencesp/)

The Rahandusministeerium reacted twice shortly.Registreerimise kuupäev: 07.01.2022& Registreerimise number: 15-1/8753-2.
Registreerimise kuupäev: 13.01.2022/Registreerimise number: 15-1/9030-2.Registreerimise kuupäev: 17.01.2022 Registreerimise number: 15-4/9183-3.

Also newly elected parish major wrote great critiques on the planned research. ( http://atp.amphora.ee/haademeestevv/index.aspx?itm=132990 ).

-facts & proof of violating law&logic using our last weeks correspondence.

We explain using our correspondence above (Also Appendix) that the democratic & scientific dialog is boldly ignored upfront or quickly avoided. Also our newly elected major is asking for a reasonable democratic dialog, science & or ask for governmental promises made to be kept.
Most of our & the parish arguments were left unanswered.
We must conclude The Estonian planning does NOT include EU laws or EU guidelines and EU open research the registered correspondence with the finance minister and documents give clear proof ready for courts governments, EU bodies, and commercial parties. The research is pre-cooked by state companies, like State-owned Enefit Green, for bypassing planning and quick validation for quick profits.
The finance Minster defends at point 2 in their letter Registreerimise kuupäev:07.01.2022& Registreerimise number: 15-1/8753-2. claims that they have done some research that proofs it’s safe. We dispute their data based on international (EU) open research standards and EU guidelines the finance Minster boldly ignores.

The EU court ruled. (Euroopa Liidu Kohus PRESSITEADE nr 77/20) that local wind/current data measurements are needed. Basic values like the wind (shadows) are not measured on the spot. The energy company owned forecast model quoted. Science must validate against reality the EU & global science demands(Founder of modern science Karl Popper taught us). Falsifiability is the standard of evaluation in science based on reality. Pseudo science is closed science that cannot be criticised. The speed and the closed planning procedures bypass science.

All(!) local data is missing S&P writes in their research proposals and the letter of Registreerimise number: 15-4/9183-3. confirms that. Besides missing/false data the planning BlueWise (mentioned at point 4 of 07.01.2022& Registreerimise number: 15-1/8753-2. goes wrong too. Science demands real measurements and not a (beta-version) back-box reality. We couldn’t even enter our activities.

Real data as provided by the EU Aeolus wind satellite measurement and Copernicus mission are simply ignored! The European Commission provided free, full and open access to a wealth of data gathered by Copernicus, Europe’s Earth observation system is ignored. Although sea planning must not interfere with land activities and (the plenty)Natura2000 reserves.

The empty Natura2000 map were explained by an pending annual update in the first. (That’s not plausible, we were misinformed anyway) Later it’s ignored. Skepast & Puhkim explicit(!) remarks that maps were up to date. Some animals like seals(!) never counted Skepast & Puhkim writes. No data gathered in the Liivi bay yet Skepast & Puhkim writes in their research proposals. There is no data, wrong models and no science& planning procedures in place.

The research bypassed proofs that obstruction of wind and currents (by the concrete foundations) is acknowledged, but ignored in Estonia. The NEW EU floating wind-farms strategy because wind-farms in shallow waters are not accepted. Quote”The Commission aims to complement this with 40 GW of ocean energy and other emerging technologies such as floating wind and solar by 2050.( https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/IP_20_2096 )

In your previous role as rector Rector magnificus of Tartu University we ask you to let planning science be done by academics. Please honer the founder of modern science, Karl Popper, who learned us to validate against reality, not a model. Please respect this philosophy that is reflected in the famous EU court Case C-24/19/Nevele https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?qid=1395932669976&uri=CELEX:62018CJ0261 This case rendered wind-farm permits invalid all over Europe. Hence for the Liivi bay, because of the missing specifications(height/amount of windmills) we proof.Karel Tölp PDF14.12.2021. a.)

The profit minded planning commercials exploit planning science and the Estonian science community our democracy needs. Our economy needs to be innovative. Estonia is planning a windfarm in the swallow Liivi bay because it’s supposed to be cheap. That view is outdated because recent international science showed that vibration, wind/current sound & moist does matter. Now the EU promotes floating deep sea wind-farms.

It’s wrong to defend Eesti Energia that paid scientists to keep public funded science secret. (on windmill vibrations killing fish eggs. We showed past local wind-data measured in only the 3 windy months(later multiplied by 4). Our appendix shows more bad science exploited. Estonia needs a healthy open science community. Estonia is just behind because science is not open connected. Although disputed at 3 we quote most of the research in the appendix is ignored. We quote Tartu University explaining open science isn’t there.

The failing planning research is rooted in the complete absence of (open) or real open science in the Estonian planning procedures we explain. Our lengthy comment on the replacement of real science by profit-making government-related “companies” that manipulate data, models, filter research questions to fit the political goal, and make a profit. We offer a very rich research and planning fraud case based on Skepast & Puhkim “Science” proposals in the appendix. S&P did not react on our letters.
Safety, the environment, fishing industry & economic logic has been ignored to give state support to nonviable state energy owned by close relations of politicians. We prove Science is ridiculed and that sea planning is exploited by Estonian Energy.
Please see that you cannot copy a wind farm idea from the windy North Sea to the far less windy & icy Baltic’s. That sea cables/grid cost more than the wind-farm is somehow acknowledged. Windfarms in the North Sea just need short expensive cables.

The missing economic business validity of the wind farms are not disputed. Wind farms are neither proven feasible nor sustainable. The risks and calculations according to EU guidelines and laws are all ignored. EU laws are largely ignored. We specify our request to defend article 5 of the constitution that demands healthy economics. Only healthy economics guarantee efficiencies that bring the green future we need. Bad governance is not green history learned us. Soviet-style monopolistic supply-side energy mobilization needs to make space for open science and free-market and other EU laws.

– the violation of article 5 of the constitution. A business case is missing –

Rahandusministeerium ignores moral loss and the missing business case logic. Copy an North Sea windfarms to the many times less windy mostly frozen Baltics is not economic viable. The economic picture needed is entirely not made, Even skipping & cheating wind measurements. Ignoring wind shadows by the many other windmills demanded (loss 50%). Skip extreme high cabling costs (more than the windfarm itself), skip all maintenance (in the ice sea), skip all decommissioning (=be Green). Ignore all opportunity cost by ignoring nature & entire fishing, tourist industry where people live from. Taking the Liivi bay in planning abuse hostage, blocking all investments by years of uncertainty.

– the wind farms in Estonia work this wrong way –

Energy companies go directly to the Estonian local governments and offer them “compensation” without research or any specification. Hence the real cost or economic damage to the parish is unknown. When the bribe is done, limited/not open research done by “own” people. Later all activities/permits are sold. Subsidisation and eternal sea-rights are the values traded.

The wind farms economic feasibility is never examined. Neither is the or real social or environmental effects examined we see later. It’s not not needed to let the state energy company(EE/EG)profit. Probably the wind-farms never arrive. In a functioning free-market economy you do need profit&healthy management after all.

There was virtual unlimited requests for cabling&wind-farms in 2020. The parishes returned all to the State in this letter. https://atp.amphora.ee/haademeestevv/index.aspx?itm=105563

The planning is not done according this flow/timeline below. In Estonia windfarms start with block 9: compensation/bribe.

Valimised 2021

Source letter: http://www.jaagupi.eu/LIIVI_LAHE_ERIPLANEERING_21dec2021.pdf shows the flow of the state advisory brochure(Made with Dutch governmental support), that is not applied in Estonia.

State owned Enefit Green must give a profit warning and return funds to investors, because of the misleading prospectus offered based on rigged & incomplete planning procedures & illegal state support.

The Ministry of Finance commented explains in the registered letter of 17.1.2022( Registreerimise kuupäev: 17.01.2022 Registreerimise number: 15-4/9183-3)not to have the right to decide who has a business plan economically viable or not. Our stance is that the finance minister signs off permissions that bypass costs. Skipping deterring the real costs makes wind farms possible. Because Enefit Green is registered at the stock exchange and does not present all costs and misleads investors it is your responsibility. We also discussed EU state support rules and we cc the mail to the Ministry of Finance’s direct responsible person.

The Ministry of Finance ignores the LetterKarel Tölp PDF14.12.2021. a.that explains the planning is invalid and even the heights of the windmills are not specified. This letter created a one-one copy of the EU court Euroopa Liidu Kohus PRESSITEADE nr 77/20 you ignore again&again. The famous case rendered many permits invalid, stopped many (even working) wind-farms and caused damage compensation claims.

It’s also untrue that all EU guidelines are used like you claim in the letter of 17.1.2022. Enefit Green answered us before by registered mail that EU/all English is ignored in Estonia. We asked questions directly copied from the EU guideline that were ignored or ridiculed. For example the EU wind-farm guideline demands a step-by-step & 3 phase implementation for wind farms. It’s logic to build a small wind-farm first and measure the real impact before building the next windmill project. This letter of the parish that’s overwhelmed by permit requests and sends them all back to your ministry proofs the failure to comply. No one can predict the ecological effect of unlimited or random high speed wind farm requests. The profitability can not predicted if one wind farm is placed in front creating a wind shadow and 50% power reduction.

-protect the constitutional Bank of Estonia Act. Warnings of Eesti Pank made this week –

Deeply rooted in your contitutional task we ask you as ourpresident to guard The constitutional Bank of Estonia Act. I quote”Eesti Panga eesmärk ja ülesanded (1) Eesti Panga esmane eesmärk on hindade stabiilsuse säilitamine.” The record high inflation demand reduce (energy) costs and government spending. In combination with th e Covid global supply shocks is a textbook perfect storm. Stacking an energy crises on top of a global crises looks like economic suicide.

The Rahandusministeerium illegal wind energy state support causes an economic & state security disaster. Eesti Pank warns. ( https://www.eestipank.ee/press/rekordilised-energiahinnad-parsivad-ostujoudu-07012022 )+ Quote”

Statistikaameti andmetel kasvasid tarbijahinnad eelmise aasta detsembris aastatagusega võrreldes 12,2%. (26% CPI Energy, +12% overall Europe Eurostat dec’21, highest country! “Selle aasta keskmiseks inflatsiooniks prognoosib Eesti Pank 6,9 protsenti. võib hinna-palgakasvu spiraal. See kahjustaks majanduse konkurentsivõimet ja seaks ohtu töökohad.

The legacy of the Great Depression and the fall of the Soviet Union are built upon inflation. Estonia was born upon inflation. All modern wars start with a state bankruptcy and the wild printing of money at the expense of their people. Nobel laureate economist Milton Friedman called inflation a hidden tax because it’s the only tax that doesn’t require a law. People pay & suffer from undemocratic and unconstitutional energy policies. Our appeal to your constitutional task is to guard the following articles of the constitution. It’s common sense. Siim Kallas: kriisid vajavad tervet mõistust

The ratio of article 5 of the Estonian constitution is guarding against the supply-side energy economics. Estonia knows from soviet times that the supply side plan economy (soviet style 5 years plan economics) doesn’t work. Many academic papers do so too. We clearly see an Soviet style fear-driven infinite mobilization to save the world from climate change. We don’t judge that logic. We ask you to guard economics, science democracy. We see the new Greens behaving like the old Reds.

-The windfarm compensation law pending is opposite EU demanded.-

When the head of the Enefit Green,Aavo Kärmas, entered to the room he jelled a dozen time “we compensate you” the audio protocol witness. You cannot compensate if you do not calculate the cost first. That fact that our former parish leaders owns energy facilities shows planning is corrupt. Energy companies involved are all in control/owned by prime minister Kaja Kallas this newspaper explains. Last elections Häädemeeste has chooses a new leader. The Häädemeeste volikogu coalition agreement calls for science based decision making now.

The windfarm direct compensation law ignores the proper planning laws needed and ordered by the EU. The proposed law bypasses democratic economic cost-price calculations. The law also benefits the selected above the free market parties. General practice is that liability law guarantees to calculate proper compensation values.

Direct compensation is made to bypass the economic calculation based on the open science we need. We do need proper green & sustainable bookkeeping rules were. Windfarms need to follow EU regulations on cables & foundations too. Windfarm must be safe for people & nature by regulation to prevent costs that surprise us later. Demanding provisions for recycling & repairs force companies to calculate the real costs. Guarantees from foreign owners are hidden in a web of empty companies and leases.

The parliament cannot determine the amount to pay because it’s not based on healthy economic bookkeeping and fair distribution. The wind farm compensation law is just uncommon illegal state support for the wind farms.

– democracy itself unbalanced –

Last elections toppled our parish leadership. Next elections probably topple current party rule. Please see that wind-farm decisions are made or delayed in court or by EU rule. Please see that real economic viability for wind-farms matters. Already other weaker (EU) countries get toppled now.

– this energy crisis is not necessary now. Why skip the EU alternative Green List & energy alternative use discussion of 2022? –

Even energy alternatives like Nuclear and the entire national debate is skipped. EU delays (10.1.2022) deadline on green investment rules for nuclear and gas with the purpose to bypass the debate Estonia wants to end prematurely. It’s not wise to decide wind-farms 1.2021 without knowing the Green economic alternatives debated in parliament.

The industrial revolution is already going on for centuries. Fossil fuels going to get burned anyway by poorer nations like China & India. they do not participate in Cop26 and are responsible for 80% of all carbon emissions and 21 saw a record coal demand.

Waiting a year to see how the Covid crises work out first would be wise too. Stacking an energy crisis on top of a covid crisis is unpredictable complexity.

– addressing our Honorable president as supreme commander of the national defence of Estonia –

The Strategic Compass for Security and Defence (EC council 13638/21) wrote that the EU urgently needs to take more responsibility for its own security by acting in its neighbourhood. Estonia is the ultimate front line.

The Estonian energy policy looks like the perfect self made asymmetrical power attack. The U.S Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken warned against infiltration in former Soviet countries.

The plan of Russians co-owning wind farms was first refused by the Defence Police. Our previous letters proved cases of corruption & infiltration that was also followed up by the Defence Police. What does Russia want there?

Please consider buying their gas from Russia could be wise for now. Where trade flows weapons keep silent. The EU gas bloccade based on carbon reduction cuts Russia their main income forces Russia. Consider Stopping poking the bear. History showed how bad it can go if you bring revolutions to Russia or follow the Germans.

The years of the inflation predicted by the Estonian bank alone would half the money of people to spend on food & heating. Historically Inflation precedes war. Estonia created this inflation Eesti Pank wrote. Inflation equals a Nation bankruptcy, because it stops the market mechanism(demand&supply determine prices) to work. The free world is build upon prices. Inflation is the only tax that doesn’t need approval, Nobel economist Milton Friedman explained. People have half the income at current inflation rates. Tipping points reached. Other weaker nations can easily fall like domino blocks. There is no defence against refugees crossing our weak borders. Please do not overestimate our dependence on the USA. President Biden was in charge for giving away the Crimea and Afghanistan. The EU army is merely a peace corp. The possible loss of more Ukraine soil will puts Estonia first in line.

Please take charge and expand the radar-free no-windmill zone already covering half Estonia. Like done here18.01.2022: Üksteist aastat menetlemist: ministeerium niitis Eesti ühe vanima meretuulepargi projekti lõplikult maha Justification can be based upon the (EC council 13638/21) or the new NATO Baltic Strategy. We appreciate you did already took the nuclear alternative placed on the new EU green list(draft 31.12.2021) the government wanted to bypass with a quick premature pro wind-farm decision now. Kaja Kallas quick push(18.01.2022)to quickly ignore all laws & logic and decide on wind-farms now doesn’t bring new arguments or dispute ours.


The moment someone is not politically active you risk to suffer the exploitation of the inferiors. MTÜ Puhas silmapiir fights against corruption that harms fair division of the sea & forests.

We make the problem visible. Therefore MTÜ Puhas silmapiir supports Jaagupi Sadam MTU. The perfect case of corruption by the Eesti Energia energy hitting of a local fisherman. Jaagupi sadam was opened by the first president and always blocked afterward. Corruption created a runaway parish. Democratic planning never arrived here. Huge resources like the entire Livonian Bay and also forest lands are exploited in an old fashion state-like way. Sea & land exclusively given to foreign(even Russian) monopolists.

We believe you were recently elected as the best guard of these constitutional principles. We ask you to act & protect our Estonian constitution & the Estonian people against a few profiteers.

yours sincerely,



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Eesti Energia võib Venemaale minna. Seal seadused niikuinii ei kehti – saavad rahus oma kommunistlike eesmärke täita ning neid keda vaja ka “ära osta” EE läheb Venemaale.


rahandusminister, Keit Pentus-Rosimannus
Roheinflatsioon!  2022(IMF)  12%    Pank Dec 2022 16%!
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