A green & DEAD Livonian sea, thanks to windmills. The global IPCC report august 2021 warns! EU law stops.

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The competent authority must set standards for each KMH. Standards must be properly be substantiated for the specific KMH. Need a thorough environmental assessment is needed Actual field measurements and real research are needed

The Baltic Sea is known for its beauty and attracts millions of tourists every year. However, what is less known to visitors is that below the surface of the water, large areas in the Baltic Sea suffer from low oxygen concentrations (hypoxia: O2 < 2 mg L−1) affecting aquatic life and nutrient cycling (Carstensen et al. 2014b). 


The to be expected result of filling the Livonian sea is that the sea current stops and the sea tipping point is reached. The see gets filled with algee.

More research from the IPCC report august 6th 2021: https://www.ipcc.ch/report/sixth-assessment-report-working-group-i/

Deoxygenation of the Baltic Sea during the last century

Jacob Carstensen, Jesper H. Andersen, Bo G. Gustafsson, and Daniel J. Conley


Research: A 1500-year multiproxy record of coastal hypoxia from the northern Baltic Sea indicates unprecedented deoxygenation over the 20th century

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NEWS Research: The impact of declining oxygen conditions on pyrite accumulation in shelf sediments (Baltic Sea)

NEW EU law applies to this research above.

This EU law stopped windmill parks all over the EU in 2021!

See your language version of the EU laweesti Keel, Euroopa Liidu Kohus PRESSITEADE nr 77/20 Luxembourg, 25. juuni 2020 Kohtuotsus (kohtuasi C-24/19).

New field research is needed according to the new EU law to receive or keep a valid wind park permit.

The competent authority must set standards for each KMH. Standards must be properly be substantiated for the specific KMH. Need a thorough environmental assessment is needed Actual field measurements and real research are needed for a specific wind farm. acting unlawfully justify a claim because of improper governmental management.

Simply explained the law demands that humans are protected by maximum risks levels set upfront

Risk levels must be a part of the permit. Just like we do with other stuff, like a vaccine for example. In the EU we do not accept the Russian Sputnik vaccine, because it was not tested upfront. This law demands we test and limit the risks upfront just as we do with medicine. Doesn’t it sound logical? Windmills can kill: “Eitapjatuulikutele” or “no killer mills” is our name!

EU councils of state demand EU nations to set the values that do not harm people.

All over the EU windfarms are stopped. For example. The Dutch court ordered a stop on all new building permits until the parliament decides on the critical values that must be based upon science upon real measurable data. Not a model. So, first, build 400-meter test windmills, then measure and research upon open science( Estonia has not we explained in other posts). Then set values. When governments (like Häädemeeste parish on august 5th 2021) try to bypass these rules they are liable because of improper management and ignoring the law. It’s above all very undemocratic, just before elections, after the Sea planning was killed, the parish rejected KMH, The Green deal offers an alternative (see other recent posts). If they still do so, the permits they all cheat on are void (as if they did not exist). Here is the Dutch newspaper that explains. https://www.nu.nl/economie/6142649/kabinet-moet-bouwregels-voor-windmolens-aanpassen.html

This EU law applies also uneconomic use of resources, article 5 of the Estonian constitution.

Estonians remember the soviet times when uneconomic usage polluted and killed people. To prevent that from happening again all activity must be economically sound in Estonia. Demand-driven, not pushed by plans or the state like in the old times. For example. Estonia now builds 7 times more wind energy than it needs. Making more than you need is uneconomic too.

It’s also not the task of Estonian Energy to risk business outside the country too. Risks like this are for the taxpayer. You cannot copy a windmills success from wind west-EU to 7 times less windy and icy Estonia and expect to make a profit. Happy to have art 5. and this EU law to protect the people. This law protects against dumb businessmen who make their profit based on subsidations and selling Estonian land and sea (&forest) abroad. Please support us & Estonia by telling this story around or donate!


New Science: Livonian windfarms slows the wind down 50%. 60 % more clouds and moist 0,7 degree higher temperature.