Baltics produce more electricity than they need. Why windmills?!

 Electricity consumption may increase less than projected if sectoral demands.

Why build windmills if there is NO demand?


Estonia Energy does not believe in win energy, EE just resells windmill parks all after catching EU money.

Estonia Energy does not Own the windmill parks, they direct sell all park the moment they get the EU funding. What happens after, does not matter.

GREEN is the new RED

Putin likes this all. Russians own a stake in Saaremaa windmill park

Windmills run on EU funds instead of on wind

At the end of this year, 5000 German wind farms are no longer eligible for any subsidies. They face shutdown and Germany faces the loss of considerable amounts of green electricity. The German Spiegel writes:


The economic picture presented is wrong. 7X less wind!

The wind in Germany is 7 times stronger than Estonian. Windmills in Estonia need very long expensive cables (25mio/km) and expensive repairs in the winter when no ships can come (helicopters, electric of course!). It’s EU colonialism to copy the Economic windmodel to from Windy West-EU to the Baltics. At the end It’s Estonia people’s own bill and they are not a Mercedes, but a Lada windmill with no service.

Windmills produce only a bill for the Estonian people. German Electricity cost 3 x as much. Estonians will switch to burn wood with a triple Energy bill, causing a CO2 rise. This circle explains how we destroy our world.