Burning Cash: Wind Power costs more Than 24 Times the cost of Gas-Fired Power. New research.

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Wind Power costs more Than 24 Times the cost of Gas-Fired Power. New research.

The operating cost of maintaining an industrial machine in a marine environment starts out high and only increases over time, thanks to the corrosive power of saltwater and salt-laden sea air.

Take a machine that, at best, has an economic lifespan of around 12 years and it doesn’t take long before the cost of operating a wind turbine offshore gets out of control. People who sail the seas know all objects corrode seriously after a decade.

Dr Gordon Hughes is a Professor of Economics at the University of Edinburgh and a while back produced this cracking study which destroyed yet another wind industry myth about the longevity of their giant fans: windfarm performance UK hughes.19.12.12. OR https://stopthesethings.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/windfarm-peformance-uk-hughes-19-12-12.pdf

In Northeast Europe, ICE shortens the lifespan of windmills.


In windless wind time, the can freeze completely. Some suggest electrical heating as a solution. That’s logical because there is no demand for electricity. The Baltics produce more power than needed and search power-consuming industries to create a (polluting) demand for electrical power.

Art. 5 of the Estonian constitution tells that the government must act economically and demand-driven.

That’s the spirit of the EU too, together with free-market competition. Unfortunately, windmill parks are run by state energy companies who sell the permits abroad. All schemes are subsidization-driven. Selling the land/sea and fishing area of remote regions. Ignoring law, procedures, democracy( splitting, exploiting, and colonizing the poor regions) Never windmill parks are placed where the power is needed, near the big towns.