Choose your EU subsidization. Windmills or fish?


Locals can choose between EU paid industry windmill substantiation or EU fish water egg subsidization.

The only real question to our people now is: Do we want to become a fish park or an industry park. Both are EU funded.

Remember. Once you destroy an ecosystem it takes a lifetime to get it back. We can give our land and sea a way for the railroad or the windmill-park or any other stinky industry at any moment. Our parish now promises us now an Ikla bike track as an election promise as a reward for giving away our future. But see that fish egg EU free project also comes with a ULUU to IKLA bike track. The question is if you want a bike track through an industrial park or natural landscape? Choose smart. Katrin working in Brussels pointed at paragraph 17 of this Estonian written EU fish law : Please see that Latvian got an extra Chapter. Now our fish eggs are even left out of the EU fishing maps. Please ask our seals if we have fish eggs. It’s a chat by the mapmakers again (read also post date on Saaremaa windmill park partly scandalous owned by the mapmaker Henriksson). Estonian has fake maps and no open science. On the audio protocol, you can hear that our local scientist is paid by Estonian Energy. problem is that all EU policies are based on science is written in this baltic minister conference document at point 4. ” science-based policy-making” here: The problem is our president worked once for Estonian Energy and did not do this homework for us. Please google “EU fish migration” or look at this EU giant project zigzag fish migration river that comes with a free bike track.
Democracy is not made by signing once. People better sing and discuss your independence again and again!. Talk and question. It works. See that a slap of our killer gives health issues to the environment minister that resigned. Please Read ERR news here. Also, see that the government already amid their loss and change topic and started to talk nuclear. Read the news headlines too. Press calls us tough! That’s a big compliment. So, please help yourself and become a winner too. Try copies of this post text and send it. Please ask something. “Why Who, What, How, by Whom, When & Where are ALL all fish (eggs) left out of all your plans and maps and documents? Do so before 17 November. please cc us, because she denies receiving mail often and does seldom and partly answer. Did you know that no one received any answer yet, already crossing the week’s legal deadline! We just bundle the questions and ask them to answer later (before the court). So, keep on asking. It’s your future. Join us and FWD.