Update windmill fraud Häädemeeste parish. August 2021

windmill fraud Häädemeeste parish.Ohaka Energia OÜ & Energiaühistu

Fake companies like Ohaka Energia OÜ and the so-called “energy union” are undermining proper planning. They work in an undemocratic, uneconomic, unconstitutional way. Joking planning procedures. Harming our social fabric and bypassing democracy.  Splitting people in Estonia and harming locals. Selling Jaagupi Sadam to foreign industry. We show the scheme. It means that fishing and no more tourism are blocked. People’s real estate value will plunge due to uncertainty. Young people will leave. The new Green deal offers an alternative(post) for industry and asks for a dialog or an election debate.

Ohaka Energia OÜ request for Häädemeeste parish date

This Ohaka Energia OÜ request is wrong and full of strange typos.

Registreerimise kpv:26.07.2021
Dokumendi liik:Sissetulev kiri
Pealkiri:Ohaka Energia 

Enefit Green (Eesti Energia) is developing a project that overlaps with Ohaka Energia’s application. Enefit Green submitted a letter to the TTJA to state that Ohaka Energia’s application is not lawful and should not be considered as competition to its application: Enefit Green makes the following three points: 1- Technical Grid Connection documents are invalid – approvals should be individual but Ohaka’s approval was based on Enefit Green’s data. The grid connection approval is also for 1005 MW whereas the wind farm has a planned capacity of 400 MW 2 – Building permits can only be granted to electricity producers. Ohaka Energia has not submitted any documents proving itself as an electricity producer 3 – Ohaka Energia (EUR 2500) does not have the required share capital to receive a building permit (EUR 31950).

We called the parish and they told us the request was not serious! They did not want to confirm this in writing to the VK before august 5th. Another corrupt move by people close to the parish leadership.

TÜ Energiaühistu also requested to build windmills July 6th 2021

TÜ Energiaühistu requested windmills on 6th July 2021. Such a request is remarkable because it bypasses the planning. The Estonian Energy foundation (TÜ Energiaühistu) is represented in Häädemeeste by a decade long time former roommate of Herman Simm (born May 29, 1947 in Sure-Jaani) is a former chief of the Estonian Defence Ministry’s security department and convicted Russian spy.


Before held secret negotiations without informing the members of the VK. The “compensation” offer was 1/20 of what is normal for a similar wind farm according to academic literature. It was clearly a mend to bribe the planning. On June 14th in secret negotiations, Häädemeeste parish invited Estonian Energy (EE) yesterday to talk on “compensation” for the windmill park. All happens outside ALL KMH procedures. By letter, the parish has just given back all KMH. Please see the letter from the Häädemeeste to the Peaminister. It’s corrupt to negotiate after giving back all. The “secret” negotiations were well prepared too. The price was already agreed upon before the chat with EE. locals know the names. EE offered Häädemeeste parish only 1-3 %. Normal is 20 %. here is the link to the article of the Norwegian professor that compares all EU compensations. agnacio Herrera Anchustegui University of Bergen, Faculty of Law Wrote this Article October 29, 2020, On previous meetings The parish leadership had royal participation in all these activities by inviting these parties.

Kaur Lass has invited a speaker to the Häädemeeste invited speaker paid by our head Karel & Estonian Energy. Kaur explains how planning in Estonian democracy is not working here: https://www.aripaev.ee/arvamused/2019/10/10/kaur-lass-allakaigu-spiraal-mida-ettevotjad-ei-teadvusta According to his own website specialized in Brainwashing. Well, later the “Estonia planning guru” changed it to “burnouts” (https://www.linkedin.com/company/wellnessorbit). He is partial and told that the Pärnu plan does not include enough windmills!

Karel Tölp has daily meetings and calls with energy companies, people from the parish witness. It is his main activity and that should not be so.

The Ohaka Energia OÜ request showed that the parish was aware of the project and that is the real reason why Jaagupi Sadam was blocked for the fisherman. The VK voted for a quick handover to the Fisherman.

Karel Tölp did hold up the handover of the Jaagupi Sadam unfair and too long.

See this letter to the VK: Häädemeeste vallavolikogule 20.05.2021.

The parish also did not inform although this was formaly requested. Proof is in the Ohaka Energia OÜ request It refers to letters of April 2021. Au!

Now we know why this did not happen. Leadership of the parish and Ohaka Energia OÜ are from Tori. In Tori there is a solar farm.

In this post, there is more to read Estonian planners to be found in the Baltic Rail project and the related forest felling. The same people/companies act the same way.

Last month the Estonian Kapo and the criminal police (one lawyer, known to all, filed a request), and the EU environmental crime unit was forced to take action upon serious facts. Still, the parish leadership pushes forward.

In the previous post we cited the letter of the minister advising to file for power abuse.

Background: Sea planning summer 2021 cancelled.

Before already the entire Estonian sea planning was canceled. We requested so in this letter successfully. The arguments given here are also valid and need to apply to these requests. Rendering the local planning invalid.

The fact that the local planning is still open does not mean that the arguments we brought up then(see other posts) can be bypassed.

The EU asked Estonia to revise the entire KMH planning procedures also. Häädemeeste is harmed and corrupted by systemic failure.

EU law violated

New field research is needed according to the new EU law to receive or keep a valid wind park permit.

The competent authority must set standards for each KMH. Standards must be properly be substantiated for the specific KMH. Need a thorough environmental assessment is needed Actual measurements and real research are needed for a specific wind farm. acting unlawfully justify a claim because of improper governmental management. See other posts or the link to your language version of the EU laweesti Keel, Euroopa Liidu Kohus PRESSITEADE nr 77/20 Luxembourg, 25. juuni 2020 Kohtuotsus (kohtuasi C-24/19).

Simply explained the law demands that humans are protected by maximum risks levels set upfront

Risk levels must be a part of the permit. Just like we do with other stuff, like a vaccine for example. In the EU we do not accept the Russian Sputnik vaccine, because it was not tested upfront. This law demands we test and limit the risks upfront just as we do with medicine. Doesn’t it sound logical? Windmills can kill: “Eitapjatuulikutele” or “no killer mills” is our name!

EU councils of state demand EU nations to set the values that do not harm people.

All over the EU windfarms are stopped. The Dutch court ordered a stop on all new building permits until the parliament decides on the critical values that must be based upon science upon real measurable data. Not a model. So, first, build 400-meter test windmills, then measure and research upon open science( Estonia has not we explained in other posts). Then set values. When governments (like Häädemeeste parish on august 5th 2021) try to bypass these rules they are liable because of improper management and ignoring the law. It’s above all very undemocratic, just before elections, after the Sea planning was killed, the parish rejected KMH, The Green deal offers an alternative (see other recent posts). If they still do so, the permits they all cheat on are void (as if they did not exist). Here is the Dutch newspaper that explains. https://www.nu.nl/economie/6142649/kabinet-moet-bouwregels-voor-windmolens-aanpassen.html

Council of state: https://www.raadvanstate.nl/actueel/nieuws/@125920/milieubeoordeling-voor-windturbinenormen/

This EU law applies also uneconomic use of resources, article 5 of the Estonian constitution.

Estonians remember the soviet times when uneconomic usage polluted and killed people. To prevent that from happening again all activity must be economically sound in Estonia. Demand-driven, not pushed by plans or the state like in the old times. For example. Estonia now builds 7 times more wind energy than it needs. Making more than you need is uneconomic too.

It’s also not the task of Estonian Energy to risk business outside the country too. Risks like this are for the taxpayer. You cannot copy a windmills success from wind west-EU to 7 times less windy and icy Estonia and expect to make a profit. Happy to have art 5. and this EU law to protect the people. This law protects against dumb businessmen who make their profit based on subsidations and selling Estonian land and sea (&forest) abroad. Please support us & Estonia by telling this story around or donate!

Many risks need research and data that could affect health. Like the (ultra)sound.

We applied to this new law to this important research on wind.

Published on July 2021 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, ( that proofs windfarms lower the natural wind by 50% more power. 60 % more clouds and 60 percent moister and 0,7 degrees higher ( https://www.pnas.org/content/118/27/e2103875118.abstract ) temperature for Häädemeeste. Man-made climate change that kills tourism and agriculture/forest. No more Kiting! ))). (Also Research done by Steven Sherwood (University of New South Wales, Australia). According to EU law, the parish must limit these risks by given max values. Otherwise, the permit is void (unlawful or as if it did not exist). Acting unlawfully justifies a claim because of improper governmental management. Decommissioning/building pollution/disasters must be described in the permit as well.

This request to include sea current and floor examination of all the waters too. That has NOT been done We request you to examine the sea bottom first. When the sea current stops, the sea turns green. The ecosystem tumbles. Also, Nuclear and chemical (cylinders military-grade nerve gas) waste was dumped in soviet times people witnessed and participated.  It’s totally irresponsible to start digging for cables and windmills without properly examining the seafloor. Furthermore, Livonian bay is full of historical shipwrecks that cannot be touched. It’s nuts that MS Estonia receives a sarcofaag and Viking sailers and get a windmill on their head. Au! ( also Respect  UNCLOS 1982; IMO Convention on Salvage 1989; UNESCO Convention on Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage 2001; Wreck are sovereign graveyards.  For the reasons above We ask you to map all unscanned seafloor to be mapped by our foundation first. Our statutes permit and we are in the process to request funding. We request the EU and the state to remove the waist first. We ask you to make an examination of the air, the water, and the seafloor a prerequisite part of the consideration for building windmill parks according to this law. 

We also applied to this new law to this important research on wind

Cables need a lot of rare metals and energy to make. There is always a lot of talk on the metal pollution caused by windmills, but the metals in the cables and their costs are often larger.

Sea cables cost 25/Mio a km. That’s a lot near London or Paris. But in wide spaces like Estonia, this is cable cost and the environmental burden is unacceptable. It’s ridiculous to copy a solution from the windy west EU to Nord East EU where there is a factor 7 less wind and icy seas and Long cables. EE just runs after the subsidies. An irresponsible behavior for a state company.

Windmills need to be near the heavy users in Tallinn to reduce cable costs and pollution.

to comply with art. 5 of the Estonian constitution demanding economic use of the Estonian natural resources.

Cable installations are trading-off environmental impact against fire safety performance. Disposal and recycling of end-of-life cable plans must be included. Quality limits must be set by the government to prevent cheap easy solutions that harm the people.

Mitigating environmental impacts is especially relevant for buildings and infrastructure which is required to operate continuously. Maintaining the quality of cable products becomes more challenging when services are required around the clock.  Here is a nice read on these facts. https://www.basec.org.uk/news/2019/9/19/mitigating-the-lifetime-environmental-impact-of-cables/ The EU law tells that risks are an integral part of any permit.

We also apply the law to the solar panels requested by TÜ Energiaühistu also requested to build windmills on July 6th, 2021.

Regarding solar panels, we like you to point out that hailstones can damage them and put them on fire. Solar panels cannot be switched off. We ask you to plan them with a protected glass that gives 1 in the 100-year guarantee.  http://euroforecaster.org/newsletter21/07-24-28.pdf  Let Energiaühistu pay for the enhanced fire department and isolated firetruck and fireman.  Because the Energy union did not include or specify any side effects, we request the parish to ignore their requests. 

Project (KMH) incomplete according Estonian law

In Estonia Windfarms requests (KMH) leave out the cabling and that’s not allowed.

KMH programm ei vasta seadusest
tulenevatele nõuetele ja on selges vastuolus asjakohase Riigikohtu ja Euroopa Kohtu
praktikaga (vt nt 3-16-1472).
KMH programmi eesmärk on määratleda, milliseid mõjusid hakatakse KMH aruande
koostamisel üldse hindama; milliseid alternatiivseid lahendusi tuleb kaaluda; ning kas tuleb
läbi viia uusi keskkonnauuringuid või võib ekspert lähtuda ainult olemasolevast infost.
Selleks tuleb KMH programmis kirjeldada kavandatav tegevust ja selle reaalseid
alternatiivseid lahendusi, määrata nende alternatiividega kaasneva keskkonnamõju hindamise
sisu ja ulatus, kirjeldada KMH läbiviimise metoodikat (mõjude kindlakstegemise ja
analüüsimise kohta) ning panna paika esialgne menetluse ajakava. Võimalikud alternatiivsed
aspektid on asukoht, tehnoloogia või protsess, tehniline lahendus, maht, suurusm võimsus,
toorme tüüp/allikad, tegevus jne. Alternatiivsete aspektide, st meretuulepargi tehnoloogia ja
parameetrite määratlemata jätmine on oluline viga.
KMH programmi ilmset õigusvastasust ehk sisuliste erinevate alternatiivide hindamata
jätmist kinnitab eriti selgelt näiteks see, et tuulikute täpse tüübi, nende parameetrite,
merekaablite ja alajaamade asukohtade alternatiivide vahel kavatsetakse otsus teha alles
ehitusloa menetluse käigus. Seega sisuliselt välistatakse konkreetsete tehniliste lahenduste
hindamine KMH tasandil. See on õigusvastane.

EU agreements violated.

All parties are long aware of the shortages in planning.

The Baltic States Sea Agreement. I Quote Art. 1. “RECALLING with serious concern the situation of the Baltic Sea marine environment” and Art. 2 “EXPRESS concern ..” and Art. 3. “RESTATING our commitment to full implementation of the relevant European legislation” The EU is repeating these articles as apparently being violated. Also  On the Eighth forest ministerial Conference in Bratislava in April 2021, there was agreed to stop illegal felling. RMK was convicted by the court for illegal felling in our parish. International law is violated.

The EU summoned Estonia to repair the KMH law on forests (Aripaev). Our Estonian KMH or parish or governmental questions were never answered (seriously). This chaos resulted in the letter of several parishes to you on 27.04.2021. (the letter: https://www.jaagupi.eu/Peaminister.pdf )

We requested to cancel the sea planning. The entire sea planning was canceled indeed. For the same reasons given above all new permits must be stopped. That the Pärnu sea planning is still valid we dispute.

The EU core principle of free-market demand and supply violated.

Above all, we like to point out that the EU stands for demand market-driven economic principles, just like art 2 of the Estonian constitution. It’s the exact opposite of the old-style Russian plan economy, where something is made according to state planning, without any demand. 

Now Estonia produces more energy than it needs. That means that Estonian Energy sells all the wind parks it creates and exports all energy it makes. That’s inefficient and not green. Long and expensive (sea)cables are needed to transport wind electricity to Riga. Of course, Estonian does not want to use Latvian cables, because the cable owner is always the profit maker. The use of electricity is “created”, like oxygen plants and electrical railroad state plans. There is no demand for 2 track cargo train to Tallinn, having a capacity of a cargo train every 6 minutes to the capital. Let alone a passenger train, the Orient Express went bankrupt. People fly these days. In the EU a combination of cargo and passengers is not allowed on the same track for safety.

The push for usage also creates a false economic picture for wind energy. The wind in Germany is many times stronger than Estonian. Expensive repairs in the winter when no ships can come (helicopters) is not viable. It’s EU colonialism to copy the Economic wind model from windy western Europe and produce and maintain windmills with long service and supply lines. Long expensive cables (25mio/km) do not pay off and the cabling company does not receive compensation. They help us to frustrate the windmill parks.

Summarizing this point. In Europe, it’s not the task of pushing a governmentally supported supply. The free west is built on a free-market demand above all. There is no need for national infrastructure cabling in this parish.

The 6 EU priorities not met by Estonia

The Green Deal is 1 of the 6 EU priorities. The green deal is 1 of the 6 EU priorities. https://ec.europa.eu/info/strategy/priorities-2019-2024_et The EU concerns are most of all about EU (local) democracy.  Uus hoog Euroopa demokraatiale.

EU energy commissioner Kadri Simson:

A stronger relationship with citizens starts with building trust and confidence. I will insist on the highest levels of transparency and ethics … I want you focus on putting consumers at the heart of our energy system.” https://ec.europa.eu/commission/commissioners/sites/default/files/commissioner_mission_letters/mission-letter-kadri-simson_en.pdf

We will prove that the current Häädemeste leadership abuses planning procedures on the Rail Baltic, sand mining, and the windmill KMH’s. Linking to the EU concerns about EU (local) democracy.

EU has its share in the guilt. The valuations take place because of EU subsidized projects like Windmills and RB. EU asks that Estonian must respect nature, you certainly should respect your people.

The windmill mafia movie hit is very amusing.

This is almost exactly like what is happening inHäädemeeste now! (subtitle ENG) Please expect an Estonian version soon.

Update 10 august 2021:

Minister tell that Natura assesment Rail Balticum is is incomplete!


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