Enefit Green IPO HOAX


Enefit Green Hoax: EE takes out money meant for windmills!

EE&EG Hoax
EG_Delfi_04_08_2022 A HOAX: NOT an IPO for windmills, but the state/EE. Poor investors!

Kui börsile on tulnud 13 ettevõtet, siis valdav osa raha on seotud ainult ühe IPO-ga ehk Enefit Greeniga. Mullu sügisel rahvaaktsiaks saanud taastuvenergiafirma kaasas 175 miljonit eurot, millest 75 miljonit eurot ei läinud mitte investeeringuteks, vaid emafirmale Eesti Energia, kes müüs maha osa oma osalust. Pärast IPO-kulude maha arvestamist laekus firma kontole 94,5 miljonit eurot.

Sick to go IPO and take out what should be invested. EE does not believe in EG. State is behind manipulating stocks&investments. EU believes in protecting free markets/exchanges and Fights against fraud: Commission urges ESTONIA to transpose EU rules.

The Commission has decided to send a letter of formal notice to Estonia (INFR(2022)2011),

Non-conformity of Estonian legislation with Directive on the fight against fraud t

Lack of transposition of Directive (EU) 2021/338 amending Directives 2014/65/EU, 2013/36/EU and 2019/878 (Capital Markets
Lack of transposition of Directive (EU) 2021/338 amending Directives 2014/65/EU, 2013/36/EU and 2019/878 (Capital Markets)

The Enefit Green prospectus & the EU law we use.



Prospekt on avalikustatud vastavalt EL-i määruse 2017/1129/EL nõuetele ning on kättesaadav Finantsinspektsiooni.


Here is the EU law that is valid: https://enefitgreen.ee/.resources/green/webresources/assets/pdf/Prospectus_ENG.pdf

We combine our facts to the prospectus & laws.

EE/EG wrote Eitapjatuulikutele that they do NOT need to follow EU law and guidelines.

Resulting in a false a valuation. Our new Estonina president lectures EU law. Our previous president failed there and she had a strong involvement (jobs) at wind farm companies.

EE/EG ingnored all questions and told that this guideline didn’t apply to them.

Suddenly, there is EU recognition. We show that you cannot implement all in one summer.


The Estonian version of this needed is not even available. EG must redo all windfarm projects, Stop what’s wrong. People have right on compensation according other EU law(also ignored).

EE/EG claims that many parks arrive/active, but that’s not realistic. No reserves are made for claims to be expected.

Delays are significant. You cannot go fast a promised if you first need a lecture from the new president.

The Estonian minister signed a 10 years agreement with foreign consultancy. The minister agreed on this long timeline & many uncertain steps. Look at the steps just signed,but not there jet. It directly goes wrong with the wind basics. They just forgot you cannot build one windfarm behind another. There is 50% less wind. Wind farms already run on subsidisation. Then they stand in ice sea, EE/EG wrote us they ignored. How to maintain/repair? All risks that a prospectus must discuss. So, where is the profit?

Valimised 2021
Valimised 2021

Value 2 billion,the expert tells.

The expert predicted that Enefit Green’s value will be at least €2 billion sometime in the future. an expert tells on err.

Compare: the same sold for just 0,3 billion.

Link Vattnenval

image 30 1024x309

The “What you see is what you get” test.

The Baltic sea is still empty. You must first Build before you sell.

Where are the write downs of the old power-plants of EE?

Write-downs of power plants, auto factories and fossil-fuel reserves could cause big losses in transition to renewable energy WSJ writes. Changes are costly and left out of the books. Assets are Stranded. Shutting down the Narva is not fully free of additional costs. The clean up cost and the real shutting down moments are ignored. EE doesn’t make reserves for decommissioning EE wrote us. Ignoring the decommissioning bill on wind farms has become punishable in the USA.

Sranded assets not in EE books


Basic economic logic.

Windfarms are state and EU subsidised. That means they needed help to make profit. Windfarms are not cheap. 7 times less wind. Ice seas ect. Therefore the REAL Baltic green comes from Denmark. Aha!

UPDATE 7 2022

The Green energy Enefit Green real sells comes from Danmark.



European Energy and Eesti Energia sign largest PPA in the Baltics


Estonian energy company Eesti Energia has signed a power purchase agreement with Danish energy developer European Energy for 3.8 TWh over 10 years starting in 2023. The agreement secures renewable energy to an equivalent of what is half of Estonia’s annual energy consumption

Eesti Energia is the leading renewable energy developer in the region through its subsidiary Enefit Green, but co-operation and long-term power purchase agreements with other developers allow the company to provide its customers with even greater amounts of clean energy.

“As an international energy company, our mission is to strive for smarter customer solutions and cleaner energy production. We are constantly looking for new ways to grow our green energy portfolio. This is another landmark deal which helps our customers all over the Baltics to faster implement the green transition, choose renewable energy and fix electricity costs at a very good price point”, says Margus Vals, Member of the Management Board in Eesti Energia.

Power purchase agreements allow the customer to fix the electricity price on favorable terms for a long-term period. For Eesti Energia, interest in such solution has exceeded all expectations. In 2021, over one hundred agreements have been signed with large companies all over the Baltics. The total volume sold by Eesti Energia to customers exceeds 2 TWh.

The power will come three wind farms that European Energy is constructing in Lithuania today.

“We are very happy to be able to deliver more renewable energy in the Baltics through our wind farms. This is to date the largest PPA signed in the region and we believe that the Baltic market is very keen on a green transition of its energy sector,” says Jonas Lau Forsberg Nihøj, Director of Energy Trading and PPA at European Energy.

European Energy is a renewable energy developer, which builds and constructs wind and solar farms across the world. It was founded in 2004 in Denmark and is today present in more than 11 European countries with expanded activities in the USA and Brazil.

Eesti Energia’s strategic goal is to offer an excellent customer experience with the help of digital solutions and to reach 1 million customers in the Baltic Sea region by 2024.

skeem eng
Why build if you bought already what you need?

Because Danmark sells wind energy to Estonia, Danmark needs more windfarms to meet their target.

danmark energy need 1 1024x398

How to make big profit reselling Danish energy?

Just let Estonians pay. 😉

AK: Electricity prices virtually doubled on year to July:https://news.err.ee/1608307335/ak-electricity-prices-virtually-doubled-on-year-to-july

EE buys Energy for 60 euro for 1 MWh. here are the prices. https://www.nordpoolgroup.com people pay 1,40Euro a KWh plus cable cost.

Now you the Energy price, you can calculate what a 500 MW Green windfarm is worth too. Again, not 2 Billion. Please do some basic school calculations with zero’s. From on KWh to mega, to giga to terra is 9 zero’s. (Link for beginners). Have fun!

The profit 2020 €67.9 million…..they ask 2 miljard. -;)

The wind-park is collateral at SEB Lithuania. Who pays interest if the stock gamble fails!? Buy stock in debt? ERR: https://www.err.ee/1608353025/enefit-green-vottis-tuuleparkide-rajamiseks-130-miljonit-laenu

Selling wind-farms/solar without cables? https://maaleht.delfi.ee/artikkel/94694099/kas-paikeseenergiaga-on-praegu-lopp-sest-rohkem-seda-vorku-muua-ei-saa

Climate change means in reality LESS wind.

This is a known risk committed in the prospectus. It’s wrong to assume steady wind. The law demand to make a reserve and inform the buyers of EG. EG know.

UK-based power company SSE stated that its renewable assets produced 32% less power than expected

image 1024x340
https://techxplore.com/news/2021-10-europe-exceptionally-future-energy-grid.html https://techxplore.com/news/2021-10-europe-exceptionally-future-energy-grid.html


EE told one week before luanching shares that EE wants to keep producing Coal based electricity.

image 2 1 1024x456

The high energy prices and attention created caused a high EG stockprice. Isn’t that manipulation?


image 1

To realise this scam fisherman must leave the sea. Jaagupi Harbor blocked to get the sea empty.

The New Green is the old red

Green is the  old red
Russia spent millions on secret global political campaign, U.S. intelligence finds
Russia spent millions on secret global political campaign, U.S. intelligence finds


fradKAPOCapture 300x285


Green energy is an embarrassment for free market evangelists
Green energy policy is an embarrassment for Estonian free market evangelists.