German Federal Army warns of energy blackout! ️

Enefit Green
Enefit Green Estonia energy blackout! ️

The blackout warnings are increasing. New reports come in almost every day. After the big warning from the interior minister, the defence ministry is now venturing out of cover. The Armed Forces openly warned of a Europe-wide blackout on Facebook.

The signs that a complete Europe-wide collapse is imminent, as the blackout expert Herbert Saurugg already explained in an interview.

Also State authorities in North-Rhine Westphalia will hold their first ‘Disaster Protection Day’ on Saturday, with instructors in the city of Bonn teaching citizens how to get by “in the event of a long power failure.” Funny State video how Germans plan to Survive this winter:

image 2 Warning: Following German leaders is a proven danger!

Russia’s energy minister has now suggested opening the Nord Stream 2 pipeline could get the gas flowing & lower energy prices. EU blocked the pipeline use. Russia even bought a stake in Estonian Saaremaa wind Energy to support gas alternatives. Russia loves Green! It’s the old Red. Only oil trains via Estonian/Tartu can keep us warm.