Estonian Energy called Estonian Enemy


It’s not the task of a national energy company to provide abroad with Energy. It’s not the task of EE to sell Estonian seas and block fisherman and tourists from their use. The young nation still devellops their tourism and fisheries.

“Ambitsiooni mõttes on väga hea, kui Eesti tulevikus ongi elektri eksportija. Tänase päeva võrgud on natukene väiksemate mahtude peale väljaarendatud. See eeldab ikka päris suurt raua paigaldamist,” ütles Kalle Kilk.

Estonian Energy SELLS all parks the setup. EE does not believe they can manage themselves?!

Estonian national electricity companies have this nickname for many good reasons. We all know that our national grid is made of wooden sticks that are highly inefficient.

The cost of electricity is determined by “cable loss” is huge in Estonia. All electrical cables have electrical resistance, but the Russian made low power wooden sticks are terrible non-green. The distance from Narva to Ikla is irresponsibly far. Narva plant delivers 99 percent of the electricity. Estonia – Electric power transmission and distribution losses over the past 24 years was 21.11 %. Not green and taxpayers’ money!

The bad service we all know. Sometimes twice a month Digital Estonia is not there. Poor Covid lockups with no remote work connection that stop all work.