Estonian tax payers pay at the end!

WINDElectricity prices for household consumers second half 2019 EUR per kWh 1

Not included in the windmill price is cabling. It’s a taxpayers bill. Typically undersea power cable projects cost the equivalent of $15 million per kilometre. 500 KM Cable network is needed To Tallinn. That’s A 750 Million bill for the tax payer! A significant portion of the cost covers equipment that transforms electricity to direct current, a form that is required for efficient long distance underground or sub sea transmission. Estonia energy needs the cable because the loss of transporting energy from Narva to Ikla is 60%. Estonian has an old grid and the distance is too long. Cabling over land doesn’t pay off. This is the real story behind. The harbours to land the cables in our parish are all bought (by Latvian energy bosses) or in legal battle. Please reject the green energy narrative, this is about some people getting rich and poor local people must pay.

Not included in the windmill price is the gas turbine power plant price needed next to the windmills for the case the wind does not blow. We need gas turbine plants anyway, because now we are 99% dependent on Narva electricity and that’s national security risk. Building vulnerable windmills build by a Russian co-owned consortium harms defence of our digital state Russia can switch of any second. Or (energy) independence is not done yet. Stand up!

Estonians will receive DOUBLE a price bill. Please compare the Estonian price-bill to those of Germany and Denmark. the Windmills are subsidised until 2050, because they do not earn themselves back. Energy prices go dramatically up,

Additional background. These extra cost of cabling and backup power plant are NOT included in this comparison. Also not the cost of removal after the 15 years cycle of the windmill. Disaster cost of storms are also not included. All are taxpayers bills. The building company is an empty co Russian owned enterprise that take the fees for building and leave Estonians with the other bills & cleanup. Estonians do not get income from building windmills, like Denmark. High energy prices will cause Estonians to burn wood, rising CO2 levels

The reason why the wind park is suggested close to our beach is because of cabling and offshore maintenance cost. Offshore is a double expensive as onshore wind. Solar is the choice of USA and China.