Better bookeeping transparancy needed for Green Energy.

Where are the write downs of the old power-plants of EE?

Write-downs of power plants, auto factories and fossil-fuel reserves could cause big losses in transition to renewable energy WSJ writes. Changes are costly and left out of the books. Change is never profitable on the short term.

We show a clear demand for Public Energy accounting.

The discrepanceies below show ask for better and open energy bookeeping that stop Energy speculation.

Demand and supply must be balanced to be real green.

Estonina Energy facts & economics.

Producing far more than needed is NEVER green. The new green is the old red.

Installations in the Baltic Sea could reach 85 GW by 2050.

In 2020, electricity consumption in Estonia with grid losses was 8.44 TWh a year. By January 2021, the net installed capacity of the Estonian electricity system was 2337 MW.

Latvia sends her Energy to Finland. Nothing else….

System Faillures.

The wind




Wind Energy in Norway several times more than in Estonia.