European Parliament approves funding earmarked for Rail Baltica project. But does not give time to execute!

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UPDATE! RB Lost2oct 2021!! 😉

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Member States have ONLY two years to harmonize TEN-T rules!

The parliament has also approved rules for the Trans-European Network for Transport (TEN-T), which will help to simplify authorization procedures for transnational transport projects and thus speed up their construction. 

Under these rules, EU member states must designate one national contact for each project promoter, and ensure that it does not take more than four years for authorization for starting a project to go ahead.

Member States have two years to harmonize TEN-T rules.

We object this project because of the undemocratic and uneconomic handling of the project that harms nature and the local people and the democracy. Turning the reagion into a more runaway parish than it already is. It contradicts the Green deal and harms forest, block fish rivers. We deal with the same people and the same harmfull way of work as windmills. Read more the alternative here: