Green energy is ALL about batteries!


If people can STORE energy then our green energy problem is solved. A smart and local mix of solar, bio and wind energy will be logic. Transporting energy is very costly and need to get cut. Transport of electricity is done because energy cannot be saved. Estonian OLD and long cabling network cases a loss of 25% in some places. Local energy solutions become far more attractive if you can store energy.

Elon Musk of Tesla cars and SpaceX announces ‘tabless’ battery cells that will improve. We better wait for the entrepreneurs of the global car industry or invest in our own tech universities.

We live in a free world. All windmills are subsidised (until 2050) still need to get paid by the taxpayer. But, people always can leave the Estonian Energy grid. It’s a logic step when prices double because of the inefficient wind energy. Estonians then prefer to switch to burn their wood, releasing even more CO2. Economic logic always wins. The energy company sees the non-logic but just takes the subsidisation and puts as much other cost & risks to the taxpayer. Estonians must be aware. Covid makes weak Europe and subsidisation very uncertain. You cannot force people to pay and use inefficient energy. If more people leave Estonian Energy, they will go bankrupt. Then taxpayers have to cleanup the windmill parks, like cleaning up after a lost war.