Häädemeeste parish strategic position on the map!


All Cables railroads and the Baltic road best flow trough this parish. People and parishs have therefore a huge power to reject any project. Off course we projects must fit our way of life and our landscape. It’s normal that local communities get a real slice of the billion costing projects to secure their future. In the EU 1/3 for local development is normal. Let’s first see what it brings and cost our people, before we talk compensation. We got offered nothing the first round last months. au! and a bad start. 

Let’s take a closer look at the Baltic rail road too. The other end of the Baltic railroad (Rotterdam,NL) is made for a freight train each 6 minutes, passenger trains are not even allowed on that track for safety (see post above or here). The Baltic railroad initiative is in reality a part of an immense Estonian mining project. Maybe bring all Russian raw materials straight into the industrial heart of EU. Better take a look at the (historic/rail) map and see that rail tracks must run trough Estonia. That industry can a pay off course. Better not cheat to prevent future coorporation.

For the windmills a similar story. Remember it’s all about the cables. They cable cost more than the windmills and determine who gets the profit. When we have mills and the cable would flow straight to Riga or even Sweden. Then the project does not pay off for EE and Estonia. It works this way. All EU countries need to do their share of green energy of the EU “green deal”. Isn’t this green policy a little sick? So, if the cable would go to Latvia or Sweden they ges the profit of the Green subsidization. Well to play this game it has to flow trough our parish. To shorten the cable (25 mio pro km!) they put the mills in front of our nose. They even fake the wind measurement by taking the most 4 windy month and multiply that by 4 to fake annual super-winds. If it’s all that sick, then let industry can pay us too. No one likes to be fooled.