High voltage underwater grid stop fish breeding.

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In January 2018, the European Parliament approved a call to ban electric pulse fishing, seen by some as cruel.[7]

Fish are sensitive for the extreme high voltage of windmills. Electric eels are famous for their ability to generate powerful electric fields that chase away fish. Windmills need extreme hig volt to carry te electricity to Tallinn by unerwater cables. Windmills are not allowed in front of the more windy North costs because many people live there.

High power, sound and large concrete pillars that vibrate destroy fragile ecosystems. Estonians were always oriented to the sea that brought then trade, fish and Hanze towns. Blocking fragile fishing shipping tourism. Better take solar, like the USA, Canada and even China does. Natural gas is cheap too, we are in crisis. EU is in crises.Windmill run on subsidation untill 205o at least. Untill 2070 for Estonia, because there is a lot less wind. Even Tallinn has twice as much wind, but the bossses do not wan the crap in their back garden. Au! Dare to think! Dare to speak up. In a democracy you have to fight to keep your freedom and land always. Again and again. Please join! & sing along!