Horizon pollution can be solved!

Windmills are probably a nice view for a wind energy fan and probably also the owners of those mills. But the owners that live in Tallinn do not want mills in their own twice windy backyard. They laugh at us. Estonians pay for a long underwater cable to bring the electricity where it's needed: Tallinn. 

Let's appl the golden designrule principle. We an do something about horizon pollution. Structure: Windmills are at uniform distances, 1 km, the rows are long, so that one row remains a whole.
Little impact because mills are 1 km apart. This is usually 2 to 300 m
The golden lines are at least 8 km apart. At this distance, the next row is almost always invisible behind other things on the distant horizon. 

A windpark build in a long strech to the nothwest is out of the sunset. The parks proposed now do entirely wrong! Parks should be more out of the shore, like other countries do! A r00 meter wind tower must be 70 km offshore to get invisible and be out of the bird fly corridor. Builders now plan cheaper floating windmills. Most coutries switch to solar as best green energy.