The windmill mafia movie hit. Just like in Häädemeeste now! (subtitle ENG)

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We do not need 160 windmills of 300 meter high for our electricity. So where this electricity goes? And where the money flows? Follow the money! Here is this scheme explained. Local people and tax payers are cary the enviromental effects and the risk is for the taxpayer too. The profit flows abroad.

Please enjoy this movie. Estonia does do the same! Estonians make more energy than they need! No demand. Now Estonia “invents” usefull industry zones. That kills fish and tourist economy & harms the eco system.

The company, founded by Bill Gates, wants an image that is as green as possible and is coming to achieve that in the Netherlands. Especially because we are willing to pay a lot. For example, Vattenfall, the company that installs the windmill, will receive 660 million euros in subsidies. For this energy company and Microsoft, this deal has only advantages. There’s nothing wrong with that, but what’s in it for the Netherlands? It happens in our country and we contribute heavily. You would say that the Netherlands should get something out of it, but Arjen Lubach discovers that this is grossly disappointing.

Just like in Estonia the sea is excluisively sold to the windmill industry bypassing proper planning procedures. In Estonia the energy users are a cellulose factory in Viru and and the Häädemeeste parish oxygen plant. Estonia produces more energy than needed. Production is pushed by subsidation schemes and fraud planning(KMH). and executed by monopole state energy companies who sell the projects abroad, incluiding the excluisive right to use the sea/land and resourses. Such projects are not green or economic heathy.

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