Windmills are no fun industrial giants

puhassil 7

A windmill is a huge industrial object. We planned to get 160 in a row. Each with a 3x wingspan of a Jombo 747. Or it’s Like a highway in your backgarden. Linke industrial chimnies. We do not even get the jobs & income! It’s like the Tallinn tower visable from 70 km. A strange low frequewncy noise chasing seals and fish away. Most bibdering is the flickering in the sunset. The spot choosen now is exactly wrong! Take a flight to Northwest Europe and ask the people on the cost what happend to their once beatifull cultural landscape. Standup now. Your childern will ask you one day why Estonia is made so ugly and the local community lost income from high value tourism. Fish flee and seals and birds follow.

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