Infrasound kills people many research explains here.

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Danish research shows that living near windmills is a health danger. Doktors near windmills have more patients. Advice their people to leave. In Amsterdam dokters send an emergency letter to the Dutch government. The RIVM recognized. That’s the same institute that handles Covid in NL.

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Also the World Health Organization has declared that wind turbine noise is a serious health hazard, now German research gets to the heart of the matter. Delingpole: Wind Turbines Can Harm Heart, Says German Professor Breitbart James Delingpole 1 November 2018 Wind turbines are terrible for the health of the millions of birds and bats. 

A professor from Bergen in Norway wrote a famous research article ot SSRN.COM end 2020: Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui University of Bergen, Faculty of Law Date Written: October 29, 2020.

Windmill parks closer than 120 km to people are not accepted in the EU anymore.

Locals are compansated by getting ownership shares in the parks. Estonia is cheap.

The Norwegian top professor names all major windparks and compares them. Nowhere in the EU the windmill parks are planned like in Estonian now. IWindmills also cannot stand on the seafloor, they must float. The sefllor vibration kill marine life. He compared all large windmill parks. What happens in Estonia is exceptional in the EU. Just take a look at the EU windpark map yourself!

Sound at a very low frequency kills. Wind turbines also emit infrasound, which is sound at very low frequencies. Infrasound is sensed in the same way as other sounds and is audible to the human ear if sufficiently strong. When infrasound is audible, it becomes annoying. Where infrasound is inaudible, it does not affect health. The technical definition of infrasound is sound that is lower in frequency than 20 Hz (fewer than 20 cycles per second). New 300 metre high giant windmills produce 1-7 Hz and are at the same level of Sonic and ultrasonic weapons (USW) of various types that use sound to injure, incapacitate, or kill an opponent. Maybe before with the small 50 meter mills it was not a problem but big mills means we get new ultralow dangers. We al know that some sonic weapons are currently in military use. Later I name them. Also Whales make sounds at about 15–20 hertz. the speed of sound is roughly four times greater in water and it kills fish & the eco system. Sperm Whales Are So Loud They Could Potentially “Vibrate” You to Death. The USA FDA is clear – fetal ultrasound baby scans pose risks to your baby. Ultra Long waves can travel over 100 KM and 160 mills in a row add up and need more independent research. At the end the bosses from Tallinn do not want this in their twice as windy Noth shore backgarden!

Estonia believes Ultra sound is Very real and measured by Tartu University. Title: Simon P. Gaultier, Anna S. Blomberg, Asko Ijäs, Ville Vasko, Eero J. Vesterinen, Jon E. Brommer, Thomas M. Lilley. Bats and Wind Farms: The Role and Importance of the Baltic Sea Countries in the European Context of Power Transition and Biodiversity Conservation.

Dr Mariana Alves-Pereira was speaking to the Tribune after addressing a seminar on the effects of the turbines on animal and human health. The Portuguese scientist is an expert on infrasound, the energy created by sound which humans cannot hear, and low frequency noise, the sound generated by wind turbines. please take a look at this website for the facts.

The evidence proving the unnecessary damage done to wind farm neighbours by the noise generated by giant industrial wind turbines is mounting by the day: Germany’s Max Planck Institute (global top) has identified sub-audible infra sound as the cause of stress, sleep disruption and more. The new 300 meter high killer mills are NOT included in this research because they are not build jet.

First I use some Wikipedia text to explains how waves work and how to calculate. Then we point real examples and finally we sugest to be carefull and demand more serious research and claim a testbed (not us) is needed.

The larger the turbineblades the lower the frequency. It works this way.The wavelengths of sound frequencies audible to the human ear (20 Hz–20 kHz) are thus between approximately 17 meter and 17 mm, respectively. MCalculated the other way around it means that a 300 meter windmill generates an not audible low weapensgrade shockwaves. Please read Wiki on generating infrasound of 18.9 Hz, 0.3 Hz, and 9 Hz that carries upto 100 km. Most dangerous ultrasonic weapons (USW) use the Extremely Low Frequency, (ELF) 1 Hz to 30 Hz. early 1990s Russia had developed a 10 Hz VLF modulator capable of targeting individuals over hundreds of meters, causing pain, nausea, and vomiting. It was adjustable up to lethal levels. Since at least as far back as 1997, the US DOD has had an interest in creating generators in the infrasonic and ultrasonic ranges of 7 Hz and 20–35 kHz, respectively, which can cause these effects. Certainly infrasound is not fake. In 1972 France was using infrasonic generators which operated at 7 Hz on its civilian population. In1973 the Squawk Box was used by the British Army in Northern Ireland. 

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Wavetheory is complex science learns us that 160 windmills in a row aimed at us multiplies the danger. You can addup the waves, it’s called interference. 2 point interference is simple to watch, for 160 moving points you need to do a lot more research and a testbed larger then Estonia.

Two sources interference

Please keep into account that windmills turn when changes direction/speed, hence you cannot predict where the combined windmill cannon kills. A testbed is needed, please not us and our natural reserve. It’s logic we demand that further research first! People have learned from past experimental technologies, like nuclear, that negative side effects of tech do matter.

Estonian Science has been compromised. Even our local Bird expert Mati Kose is paid by Estonian Energy too. His research is now and his work has been made secret by Estonian Energy. His last work was on the vibration disturbing killing fish eggs by vibration. He also plead to get a migration corridor bird radar on Kihnu. Now we need to rely on foreign experts and valuable data that supposed to be public, by public universities, is lost or compromised. Fact driven science is the bases of the democratic dialog we need to get the best public decisions.

Science has been compromised. Good faith is gone when the energy company pays for science reports and filters. The normal legal punishment for cheating is turning the load of evidence around. Estonian Energy must prove that windmills do not harm. We regret we probably need to bring these case to court. The democratic dialog is compromised. Please donate, because it’s terrible if our democracy does not function properly. What if science in other fields, like legal itsef, are also compromised?!

It is not the local people task to do this kind of advanced research. Please donate, so we can bring this case to the court. This is great for our young Estonia. We do not want to get robbed and cheated by a Russian co-owned Estonian Energy daughter company. What if all Estonian decisions are based on compromised science? Au!

Estonian Energy plays games with our democracy. Kaur Lass was the Häädemeeste invited speaker paid by Estonian Energy and according his own website specialized in Brainwashing. Isn’t is sick? ( He is realy partial and told that Pärnu plan does not include enough windmills. He tells that planning in Estonian democracy is not working here. If democracy does not work, the only solution is MORE democracy. Guess we probably need to go and sing on the streets again to get common sense.

For proper research a test windmill park using 300 metre high mills (160 pieces) somewhere else(!) is needed. We demand this first before we can start any windmill park discussion at all. People should not play with ultra sound, just like we do not play with radiation. This research cannot be done in Estonia, because Estonian Energy corrupts scientists by paying them and Estonia is to small for the long wavelength. No one likes to be a human test animal. Please do not abuse and scare us.


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