Kabli Power station

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Every product comes with a warning. The power cable and station were left out of the planning HMK presented to the people of Häädemeeste parish (Link). Still, we can read the scary warnings on the wiki, or read here that there exists a causal link between exposure to electromagnetic fields and peoples heath the EU commission on Health writes.  

Kabli 2

The Estlink Harku station is the same type as the planned Kabli Jaagupi station. Safety levels recommend to stay away minimal 800 meters from a A 330 kV converter station. We expect safety distance to rise next decades.

Vomiting, cancer, leukemia, and anxiousness are discussed best on Wiki. The general advice is to stay away from high voltage equipment one KM. It’s a U.K code of conduct that electricity companies will avoid designing new power lines that create high electric fields in homes, other land in residential use.

The problem is that Estonia Energy (or Enemy) removed all cabling and the needed powerhouse from the HMK planning brochure. All that start to warn for the dangers are made fools and extremists. High voltage is not a joke. Ultra sound is not a joke either. NoKillermills is choosen as our name, because we are cheated. Mills do kill!

Sometimes the anxiety related to the presence of new technologies is enough to make people sick. Definitely, it chases away Kabli tourists and that drops our income and real estate. Only putting it on the agenda makes your house hard to sell or get a new mortgage.

More on the high power station you can expect you can read here. https://library.e.abb.com/public/c9f4e1c6068fb993c125731d004612b2/Estlink%20HVDC%20Light%20transmission%20system.pdf

WHO on dangerous extreme high voltage cables: https://www.who.int/news-room/q-a-detail/radiation-electromagnetic-fields

Here is an EU Brochure where other EU countries are compared on the electromagnetic radiation risk. https://www.rivm.nl/bibliotheek/rapporten/2017-0118.pdf

After our pressure on the project Estonian Energy considers to place this offshore HDVC station.

IV Offshore Joins Sofia HVDC Platform Team

Therefore the recently scanned the seabottom:


Go back to 12 November 2020 midnight. You see:

open science not implemented

This is where EE scanned: https://his.vta.ee:8443/HIS/Avalik?REQUEST=Main&WIDTH=412&HEIGHT=660p

Alternatively there was the story that the measurements are made for the Baltic Rail. The planner draw a line through the forest for the track that is in the swamp. The swamp was created by the new Baltic road made for the 1980 Summer Olympics that did not make tunnels for the rivers going to the sea. If you are on the Baltic road you can see a dry sea side and a swam forest side as proof that the road is a barrier for the water that flows to the sea from high to low. The Baltic Road destroyed the landscape. The ground water level raised 7 meter! The last thing we need is another barrier. It will half the water flow of the rivers that host international protected fish eggs.  Instead of an expensive real sand wall we just need a few cheap water tunnels and some patients for nature to restore. Save money & save nature in one hit!

Digging sand from the sea is destroying nature and harming seaman’s graves. Read more on the treasures and stories of the sea.