Latvia central banker Kazāks tells: Latvia’s economy is not prepared for changes from climate neutrality requirements. The Estonian government stands alone.


Using windmills is defenitely the wrong direction. Kazāks shows the numbers!

Planting trees Estonia can rich earning 60 EURO a tonne for CAPTURING C02. Please top felling trees in Estonia.

For example: Fires in Siberia & parts of Alaska have increased since mid-June, making for the highest carbon emissions for the month – 59 million tons of carbon dioxide, Russian Forestry Service trying to suppress 136 fires on an area of 43,000 hectares.

The EU emission price tag must be 60 X 59 million for the tonnes of CO2 burned. A bill of 3,5 miljard!

Estonia may face €100000 per day fines for logging protected forests. 27 Jul 2021 — The European Commission launched infringement proceedings over past violations.

That alos means that If Estonia turns wood into pellets and burns them it needs to reserve a fine of 1,2 miljard for the hectares forrest it burns. I use a total of 15,000 hectares of Natura 2000 forests have been felt. Estonia looking at €100000 fine for clearcutting protected areas › estonia-looking-at-100-000-…

Kazāks is right. An other example. Estonia must definitely close her harbors at a price of 60 Euro a tonne of CO2. “Maritime transport emits around 940 million tonnes of CO2 annually and is … (EU) 2016/2071 as regards the methods for monitoring carbon dioxide emissions ..” It all reminds the nonsense of the collectivization economic experiments, the policies adopted by the Stalin Soviet government just after Estonia first independence. If we all do nothing, we defenitely do not save our planet this example shows. Governments tend to react to freeze everything as a solution. Just like we need to freeze and sit home to prevent covid. We all start to realize that we cannot freeze forever, we need to go on.

I guess the latvian central banker calculates what all should have been done in Estonina long before. Art. 5 of the Estonian constitution orders the president to make these basic economic calculations. Just like Latvia does do proper homework. Just cut the crap.

Real question is where Estonina got so wrong?! Who guards the Estonian constitution? Yesterday Estonia tried to vote a new president. It is realy time to do so. Current Estonian president Kersti Kaljulaid is blinded by a dozen of wind-farm business associations and companies she was aboard.

Besides listening to Latvia, Estonina should also listen to the rest of the world, The IMF.

Running only after what Germany/EU tells is historrically proven wrong for Estonina.