Politics is stupid, people save better!

Windmills Suck 600 AEA
The economizers of today may have a harder time than the irresponsible who just keep on heating.
For example, if everyone will soon be allowed to produce 20% less CO2 than in a reference year. If you have already undertaken all kinds of energy-saving actions, there is not much more to save. A direct bonus for the people using a CO2 budget is FAR smarter and cheaper for all! Windmills are just a prestige project of the governemnt. Our president once worked for Estonina Energy. The North cost is twice as windy, but there the Tallinn bosses live who do not want to watch their windmills. Au! We get nothing from this plan. The energy cable goes to Tallinn, the EU subsedies too. This plan has not a lot todo with CO2!