Solar energy is the global winner!


Listen to the USA & China. They bet full on Solar. Global top entrepreneur Tesla’s Musk says solar, energy storage will grow faster than electric cars, and there’s some truth to it. USA and China bet on solar power on peoples roofs. Then you do not need all the cables and Estonian Energy. Estonian Energy looses 60 % of the energy bringing electricity from Narva to Ikla and can never compete with local solutions. Estonian Energy needs the 750 million cable (taxpayer pays!) From Tallinn to Ikla to distribute energy more than the windmills. Please poke trough the fake windmill park narrative. The sea brought s work and income.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk outlined how the electric car company is taking further steps in its mission toward increasing the use of sustainable energy. Musk noted the company’s home solar panels are available at a price of $1.49 per watt, and its grid-scale Megapack storage achieved its first quarterly profit just under a year after its initial announcement.

Estonia should leave the risk to entrepeneurs. The tax payer and estonina government should not risk wind energy. Wind parks cost the taxpayer each year untill 2050. Let the people choose best. Let entrepeneurs compete!