Solar is there and far cheaper!


In August 2019, Elon Must, CEO of Tesla car & SpaceX rockets announced they would begin renting solar systems to customers in six USA states starting at Eur 50 a month, in a plan to boost residential solar deployments.[1]

Wind energy needs long cables. Estonina electricity grid (and water system) is still from before the independance. We need to invest in proper efficient cables first. Some housholds disconnect twice a months. Estonina Energy shoul help their own people first, intead of risky ofshore plans that need subsidation. Au!

Wind Energy is over the top. solar wins. No expensive cabeling needed too. People go off the grid soo. Leaving the Energy companies bankrupt. Please demand a reserve for cleanup old mills! Did you know they only las 15 yeard. 1/3 of the mills in the North sea is under repair. National Energy companies realy cannot run a buisness. Leave it to the free market please. Get rid of those unheathy monopolists. That inefficiancy is a huge polution too.

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