Euroopa Komisjon nõuab taastuvenergia tootmiseks ujuvtuulikuid

Betoonist vundament on ohtlik. Floating offshore wind, safer, cheaper, generating power more efficiently where winds are stronger, and where turbines are less visible from land. All modern nations switch to floating windfarms! Innovations in floating wind technologies key to futher cost reductions. Europe must continue building up its floating project pipeline. Europe hosts today the only two floating offshore wind farms in the world: The 30 MW Hywind Scotland project in the UK and the 24 MW Windfloat Atlantic project in Portugal. […]


UPDATE 1.02.2022 Estonian wind-farms perspective. EU Law& Economics. Motivated by bringing justice,logic and like to befriend those who do too. Help the region to flourish. Bringing a fresh look to the wind-farm topic. 1. EU law. Ode to Paap for the Hiiumaa high court verdict. EU law can do a similar job. This is important because Most real decisions are made by international agreements(EU) and in the court. EU court of Justice on 25 June 2020 (ECLI:EU:C:2020:503) tells. Hights/amount of wind-farms MUST […]


Lübeckis võeti vastu uus Läänemere päästmise Plaan 20.10.2021

UPDATE 14.12.2021: Taotleme merealade praeguse planeeringu lõpetamist, kuna Eesti merealade planeeringuprotseduuriga on rikutud Euroopa Liidu reegleid, Läänemere lepingut ja andmekaitse seadust.https://www.eitapjatuulikutele.eu/hendrikson/ Täna, 20. oktoobril võtsid Läänemere riikide ministrid Saksamaal Lübeckis vastu uue tegevuskava Läänemere seisundi parandamiseks. Tegevuskavas on 200 meedet, mis aitavad parandada mereelustiku kaitset, vähendada saasteainete ja prügi mõju merele ning muuta merel toimuvad tegevused ohutumaks. Rahvusvaheline õigus otsustab, mis Eestis toimub. JAGA Läänemere seisund pole tervikuna hea ning enim kannatab meri liigsete maismaalt pärinevate saasteainete tõttu. Uue tegevuskavaga soovib Läänemere […]


Enefit Green prospectus critics & mistakes. UPDATE 2022.

UPDATE 2022. Fight against fraud: Commission urges ESTONIA to transpose EU rules. The Commission has decided to send a letter of formal notice to Estonia (INFR(2022)2011), The Enefit Green prospectus & the EU law we use. https://enefitgreen.ee/.resources/green/webresources/assets/pdf/Prospekt_EST.pdf ALSO: OSA 1. KOKKUVÕTE Prospekt on avalikustatud vastavalt EL-i määruse 2017/1129/EL nõuetele ning on kättesaadav Finantsinspektsiooni. https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=celex:32017R1129 Here is the EU law that is valid: https://enefitgreen.ee/.resources/green/webresources/assets/pdf/Prospectus_ENG.pdf We combine our facts to the prospectus & laws. EE/EG wrote Eitapjatuulikutele that they do NOT need to follow EU law and […]

The August 2021 advice from the IMF to 105 countries: Rely on Carbon energy!

The IMF August 2021 report, IMF Surveillance and Climate Change Transition Risks is based on an analysis of all 595 Article IV reports conducted in the IMF’s 190 member countries between the signing of the Paris Agreement in December 2015 and March 2021. Article IV reports contain policy advice to countries that shape their economies for years to come. The report found: IMF sees fossil-fuel expansion, locking developing countries into a reliance on coal and gas. In more than half of all member countries (105), […]


Latvia central banker Kazāks tells: Latvia’s economy is not prepared for changes from climate neutrality requirements. The Estonian government stands alone.

Using windmills is defenitely the wrong direction. Kazāks shows the numbers! Planting trees Estonia can rich earning 60 EURO a tonne for CAPTURING C02. Please top felling trees in Estonia. For example: Fires in Siberia & parts of Alaska have increased since mid-June, making for the highest carbon emissions for the month – 59 million tons of carbon dioxide, Russian Forestry Service trying to suppress 136 fires on an area of 43,000 hectares. The EU emission price tag must be 60 X […]


New Science: Livonian windfarms slows the wind down 50%. 60 % more clouds and moist 0,7 degree higher temperature.

July 2021 published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, show that turbines arranged in rows facing the wind produced 50% more power than those arranged in wind-facing columns. But they also found that these gains were lost after a farm reached around 30km in size, because the drag created by large windfarms slows the wind down. When wind turbines are arranged in clusters, their performance is mutually affected, and their energy generation is reduced relative to what it would be if […]


Ohaka Energia OÜ Offshore Wind Farm illegal request.

Enefit Green (Eesti Energia) is developing a project that overlaps with Ohaka Energia’s application. Enefit Green submitted a letter to the TTJA to state that Ohaka Energia’s application is not lawful and should not be considered as competition to its application: Enefit Green makes the following three points: 1- Technical Grid Connection documents are invalid – approvals should be individual but Ohaka’s approval was based on Enefit Green’s data. The grid connection approval is also for 1005 MW whereas the wind farm […]


Illegal sand mining and forest felling for EU subsidized projects in Häädemeeste parish, Estonia.

Sand mining activities for the Baltic Cargo Rail destroy large peatlands and forests. On the invitation of Karel Tölp, Head of Haademeeste parish, many sanding-digging permissions are pending. A few are already given. Some concessions are as big as Lake Viljandi. Around a sandpit, you can expect 12 sand trucks an hour was told at the Massiaru KMH. Destroying lives, tourism income, and water levels for nature and agriculture. The fee Karel gets and likes for each mining concession is only around […]

fake sciencel

Open science not implemented in Estonia!

Research data collected with the support of public funding are freely accessible and re-usable to all, if not restricted by legal requirements. In Estonia there is no Full OpenScience. Many Scientistes are paid by Estonian Energy. Tartu University ONLY Encourage open access. The butcher tests his own meat. The result is that data is filtered and not verifible. In case of the planned Haademeeste windmill farm we know that wind data was gathered over ONLY 3 windy months instead of all 12 […]

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Ultrasound Research in the Baltics. Autumn 2021

ELi energiavolinik Kadri Simson:
„Tugevamad suhted kodanikega saavad alguse usalduse ja usalduse loomisest. Ma nõuan läbipaistvuse ja
eetika kõrgeimat taset … Ma tahan, et te keskenduksite tarbijate asetamisele meie energiasüsteemi
keskmesse. ” AU!