Take solar and deconnect from Estonian Energy soon.

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The nice article discusses issues related to the use of solar and wind installations as primary sources of energy, which make it possible to create completely autonomous power plants that provide guaranteed year-round coverage of electrical loads in various climatic conditions.

You can take elon Musk (Tesla) his private solar roof.

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Estonians do not have to accept the energy choices made by their governement. The can disconnect from the grid soon. Badly managed energy transition gets too costly. The Energy bill in Germany is already 3 times that of Estonia. If you disconnect you are better off. Estonins can always burn some wood! Sorry for the CO2 exhaust, but people cannot held responsible for inefficiencies. Estonian Energy sells all her parks abroad. Cabling is highly expensive and people do not need to pay cable fees if disconnected.

It’s not the task of a national energy company to provide abroad with Energy. It’s not the task of EE to sell Estonian seas and block fisherman and tourists from their use. The young nation still devellops their tourism and fisheries.

“Ambitsiooni mõttes on väga hea, kui Eesti tulevikus ongi elektri eksportija. Tänase päeva võrgud on natukene väiksemate mahtude peale väljaarendatud. See eeldab ikka päris suurt raua paigaldamist,” ütles Kalle Kilk. https://www.err.ee/1608195145/eestis-on-arendamisel-kaheksa-meretuuleparki

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Danmark and Germany have double the price of Nuclear run France!

Spiralling power prices in Denmark, Germany, South Australia and now US States with any significant wind power capacity – is James Taylor on to something, perhaps?

Could it really be that a generation source that receives mandated taxpayer and power consumer subsidies, that guarantee prices 3-4 times that paid to conventional generators, is causing retail power prices to increase?

Is it faintly possible that that same generation source – which can only ever be delivered to the grid at crazy, random intervals; requires 100% of its capacity to be backed up 100% of the time with either spinning reserve held by base-load generators; or with insanely expensive fast-start-up Open Cycle Gas Turbines, which cost a fortune to run – might result in price spikes when it disappears for hours and days on end leaving grid managers no other option than to pay through the nose for peaking power to keep the lights on?

Never letting the facts and evidence in the way of a great story – just like their compatriots in the US – the Clean Energy Council are working overtime to turn night into day – and are now claiming that South Australia’s skyrocketing retail power prices have nothing at all to do with its insane rush into wind power.

Suspicious we may be, but as they say: “if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it’s probably a duck.”

No Plan B: Germany’s Crazy Reliance on Wind.

Germany is a heartbeat away from a massive nationwide blackout, and yet its government is oblivious. Warnings from grid managers and its own Audit Office are being ignored. Estonina must prepare and take measures for a Blackout to prevent freezing.


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