The economists explains Sept 2020 how EU got windmill mad. The big geopolitical picture. Why windmills looses.


A new energy order means finding energy solutions for the next century. Last century was ruled by Oil please read for more. The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power

In this global game windmills stand no chance against decentralized solution that do not need expensive cabling. People love to bypass inefficient overpriced bad service national energy companies. Soon the can.

Solar is the clear choice for China and the USA. Battery technology is key too, because storage and transport of energy are key to any solution. Loss over cables is tremendous high as the cost of cabling.

On 30 September 2020, the energy ministers of Poland, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany and Sweden, along with representatives of European Commission signed the “Baltic declaration for offshore wind energy”. The declaration is intended to bring about cooperation in the development of offshore wind power on the Baltic Sea.

The “Baltic declaration for offshore wind energy” is not serious competition is you read the Economist.

Some countries like Estonia still have an primitive cable network and probably skip investing in cable networks to hump straight to to local solutions next century. No tax payer wants to pay triple the bill for national energy adventures these days.

The “Baltic declaration for offshore wind energy” people cannot effort in Covid crisis times.

Look what green energy does do with people their energy bill in Germany! Estonians will freeze or switch to wood, not caring for CO2 emissions. That’s counter productive!

WINDElectricity prices for household consumers second half 2019 EUR per kWh 1

Wind energy was never on the list of any Global Energy Prize. Those who invest in wind-energy can expect to go bankrupt next decade.

Energy is an geopolitics Estonian National Security.

Estonia is 99 % depended on the Narva plant. Windmills make Estonia digital country very vulnerable for attacks on windless days! Russia likes the plan and is part of the builders consortium, but not anymore. It’s probably very hard to shoot a all those fast moving propellers.