The impact of windturbines on tourism proven.


This research shows a negative impact on tourism. Like Bird expert Mati Kose is paid by Estonian Energy too. his research is now made secret by Estonian Energy! Mati last work was on the vibration disturbing killing fish eggs and the migration corridor bird radar on Kihnu. Now we need to rely on foreign experts. Science has been compromised.

Real democracy means that we get a proper dialog on well done scientific research and a clear economic picture.

Estonia needs independent free reseach to calculate the impact and get decisions that are optimal. Pay researchers causes lthe lost of good faith in democracy. That means we should turn around the load of evidence. Cheating Estonian Energy should prove that their mills do NOT harm people. Now the people must prove that they harm and we assume mills are o.k. How can we if our scientists are bribed and must keep their research secret. Universities are paid by tax payers money! Here is the German reseach, we want our own independent Estonian research for our own tourism we earn our income from! Windmills kill our local tourist and fishing industry and we get nothing back. Not even a working harbour in Jaagupi. Au!

Pärnu Beach, Estonia, Europe

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