The wind & sub of West EU is not there in NordWest EU. The EU green wind/solar model does not work in Estonia.

ice covered blade

The economic picture simply does not fit.

There is just fraction th of the wind compared to westEU. That means many times more mills you needed to get the same energy. Estonian energy cheated the wind statistics by measuring only the windy month.

windspeed europe

Also 5 x longer high-power cables are needed. Sea cables cost 25 mio/km!! The Cable cost more than your park. EE leaves out cabeling in the tenders. Even the parishes get sick of the incomplete tender requests, send them back in Estonia. Au!

Please understand that a grid is needed first. For almost a century, electricity generation and distribution were treated as a tightly integrated system: it was designed and built as one, and is meant to operate as designed. However, the chaotic delivery of wind and solar have all but trashed the electricity generation and delivery system, as we know it. Germany, South Australia, Texas and California are only the most obvious examples. Estonia and Latvia refuse to share cables, because the one with the cable gets subsidations and can ask what they want.

Then Ships sail 2000 km for service. Off course we put the mills in the ice sea. No provisions is acknoledged in the tenders.

Also the ships cannot go for service service is bad, these are not Mercedes mills. Even offshore Wind Power All at Sea: Danish Wind Farm Operator Suffers Massive Financial Losses in 2020. Ørsted’s Interim Financial Report is available here

Estonia Energy sells the park to foreigners, they do not care!

The final bill goes to the Estonian population. Get an energy bill 3 times higher like Germany already has?

So. Less winds. But alos more PEAK storm winds EU tells us:

It’s hardly news that the true cost of generating electricity using wind power is staggering; the cost of doing so offshore is astronomical. The GWPF has repeatedly raised questions over the underlying economics of offshore wind (, and published trailblazing work on capital cost by Gordon Hughes, Capell Aris and John Constable ( Subsequently Professor Hughes has published a major analysis of the data with the Renewable Energy Foundation ( in which details of rising operation costs are given.

The Estonian constitution demands economic responsible investments. Clearly rejecting Soviet like economic planning. Russians love windmills and own a stake in Saaremaa windfarm. The Estonian seas are for sale.