Estonia plans MOST windmills!


Estonian planned more Windmills then Sweden. Twice as much as Finland. Denmark and German together plan to build one quarter of the amount of windmills Estonia wants.

What’s going on? Why destroy our ecosystem, fishing and tourism. Our president worked for Estonian Energy and can best explain herself.


Estonia energy needs the cable because the loss of transporting energy from Narva to Ikla is 60%. Estonian has an old electric grid and the distance is too long. Cabling over land doesn’t pay off. typically undersea power cable projects cost the equivalent of $15 million per kilometre. 500 KM Cable network is needed To Tallinn. That’s A 750 Million bill for the tax payer! A significant portion of the cost covers equipment that transforms electricity to direct current, a form that is required for efficient long distance underground or sub sea transmission. 

This is the real story behind. The harbours to land the cables in our parish are all bought (by Latvian energy bosses) or in legal battle. Please reject the green energy narrative, this is about some people getting rich and poor local people must pay. The sea is our income, brought us always work. The Sea is our love and sunset, do not give it away for bad plans.