Compensation rules on offshore wind farms. Where “compensation” turns into corruption on June 14th ’21.

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On june 14th in secret negotiations Häädemeeste parish invited Estonian Energy (EE) yesterday to talk on “compensation” for the windmill park. All happens outside ALL KMH procedures. By letter the parish has just given back all KMH. Please see the letter form the Häädemeeste to the Peaminister. It’s corrupt to negotiate after giving back all. The “secret” nogotiations were well prepared too. The price was already agreed before the chat with EE. locals know the names.

EE offered Häädemeeste parish only 1-3 %. Normal is 20 %. here is the link to the article of the Norwegian professor that compares all EU compensations. agnacio Herrera Anchustegui University of Bergen, Faculty of Law Wrote this Article October 29, 2020

Quoute ” The Danish law required any project developer to offer local citizens of the municipality in which the infrastructure was built the opportunity to acquire up to 20 percent of the shares of the project “

More. Alpha Ventus in Germany, a 60MW farm installed in 2010 is located 56 km from the shore, or in the UK the Hornsea
projects, discussed regarding voluntary funds, are located 38km from shore. In Norway, the to-be
largest floating offshore wind farm in the world, Hywind Tampen of 88MW, will be located 140
km from the Norwegian coast.
Hence Häädemeeste parish is cheaply 10 km out of the coastline. Estonian Energy seeks places where the population is thin and can be fooled. Windmills in front of twice as windy Tallinn will never succeed we all know.

Just as important this artiicle writes that the EU Maritime Spatial Planning Directive regarding “the development of energy sectors at sea”. shall not interfere with Member States’ competence for town and country planning,. In our case that means tourism and fishing. It means EE violates EU rules by offering this bribe. The price is far too low for giving excluisive use to the sea to EE, taking a way economic oportunities from locals on fishing & tourism that are carefully bypassed in the calculations. Jaagupi Sadam is the example of ultimate frustration of locals & fisherman.

There is a meeting with Kaja Kallas today.

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