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Our goal is not to fight. We had to stop backdoor projects and that justified the rude campaign name. Widmills do kill, nothing wrong with that. They are industrial monsters of 30o meter high. Just as unwanted an highway in your backgarden.

The Estonia energy company was so rude themselves. It was also part of Estonian energy to undermine our democratic initiatives. It’s horrifying how we were trolled(see first posts and how hostile was their reaction. Paid trolls on FB to position our democratic initiatives as extreme. Every opposition they call extreme. Even our surfing youth are called extreme sporters 20 times on the audio protocol. Au! You can also hear that individuals were offered “compensation” many times. The Energy company just sees us as obstacles that must be destroyed at all cost by all means. Imagine, these are your customers too. These side deals (bribes) undermine the total parish deal that benefits all. Many EE employees were mingled among the public to infiltrate and active set this extreme tone. These splitting tack-ticks were hard for us all. They did undermine democracy in every possible manner. We should not let them do do this to us. We should stick together. Forgive those of us that were under pressure. Almost everyone can be silenced under such pressure.

We see in this post that the government wants to come back to us with a more balanced offer. If it ever comes from that we will see. Windmill parks are already rejected everywhere in EU. The economic situation looks very dark I explained if the last post.