The people DEMAND a proper DEMOCRATIC dialog.


That people have to inform and invite themselves is bad. We are greeted by trolls. We received this 77 pages book to study on short notice. People are misinformed in many ways. Power cables needed and the EU cable grid is not even mentioned. Too late too less. We need time to study and therefore another meeting later.

We damand a meeting needs a proper agenda and a chosen chairman.

Parties need to agree on all procedural agreements upfront any meeting first.

An equal dialog means a divided 50/50 speaking time.

All key questions should be answared before next meeting.

All documentation should be in Estonia & English as law requered to give access all justice incluiding international courts.

Questions should be free to ask when they arrise. Not upfront as now.

People should be free and anounymous to join. Not on invte only like now.

A follow-up meeting should be planned to repair the shortages mentioned made. It’s even better the Parish withdraws the meeting. Trolling and registration scare people. Why should people take a COVID risk for a meeting that is in doubtful faith? Online camera access should be provided.

This to guard a proper democratic dialog to guard best-made and agreed decisions. People should feel free to speak out and trolling like above is a great democratic danger. We just brought up the fact that a democratic meeting was planned. We gave some relevant points from other windmill battlefields.

Remember that this dialog is obvious on hostile Energy Bosses initiative and people have many other alternatives to get our wants and needs out. Let’s name a few. We can hold a petition and get 500 signatures to get a full-blown procedure. Next year is elections and this will be a theme and not quickly pushed trough before! We prepared to go to court. We should above all remember that we live in a free country where the dialog should prevail. We all want a fair dialog to prevent demonstrations or worse, like the French solution with trees on the road. If democracy does not work the ONLY solution is more democracy!