What others do (wrong)!


Windmills are not a common choice. Invented by the Dutch. They live in a compact windy country. Estonia is 1/10 windy compared. Cables that cost 25 Mio KM are needed. If you make windmills yourselves, you get income from it then it’s not so bad to pay.

Where did our choice go wrong?! Well, It’s VERY hard to choose between several energy options. Please compare this choice: It’s VERY hard to predict the top 10 global risks. Have fun google “the top risks facing the world 2019”, because Epidemics were not listed! All nations/UN/EU got the wrong strategic priority list. Au! Now you try to choose between the top 10 Energy solutions the best one. Maybe at least bet on something we build ourselves to reduce the cost of the probably wrong choice! Another solution is diversification. Let entrepreneurs take a bet.

The REAL problem we should solve first is HOW we choose from several uncomparable options. Let’s solve that riddle using our digital Estonia.