10.000 jobs lost in the Estonian wind farm project.

10.000 jobs of the Estonian wind farm project?
10.000 jobsLOST by the Estonian wind farm project. No more fishing and tourism.

Autralian new windfarm law as an example for Estonia.

The State company Estonia Energy SELLS this windfarm project DIRECT after acquiring the licenses. Estonia only cares about grabbing some EU funds for friends. A very unsustainable approach we explain.

Consequently, all jobs and knowledge are lost abroad. Maintenance bills are unpredictable in the frozen sea. Also decommissioning is explicitly included.

Please compare Australia’s new bill with the bribe like the “compensation” bill introduced in Estonia. ( Tuuleenergeetika sektori kohaliku kasu õigusliku instrumendi seaduse eelnõu väljatöötamiskavatsus (12.08.2021) http://atp.amphora.ee/haademeestevv/index.aspx?itm=116356 )

Please compare Australia’s new bill with the bribe like “compensation” bill introduced in Estonia.


In Australia, significant consultation with a wide range of industries and stakeholders has informed the development of this world-leading regulatory framework.

Estonia handles windfarms undemocratic & unlawful. Unconstitutional & not economic. Not European.

Why does the Estonian parliament just not make a proper windfarm law for Estonia? Why this dead end unhealthy backdoor handling of wind farms?

Tuuleenergeetika sektori kohaliku kasu õigusliku instrumendi seaduse eelnõu väljatöötamiskavatsus (12.08.2021) http://atp.amphora.ee/haademeestevv/index.aspx?itm=116356

The bad Estonian law proposed cause many problems. Instead of introducing proper planning procedures, Estonia tries to sail around democratic dialogs, healthy ecomomics & eviromental or EU laws.

Most Estonian windfarm projects are not economical. That must be according to art 5. of the Estonian constitution. The constitution stands for a demand and market driven energy supply. A democratic dialog guards for market shortages, the big picture like overcomming negative exteranal effects (like on jobs, innovation & the enviroment). This is how the EU believes. It’s opposite the Russian like “supply side” state planning we see happning in Estonia now. Planning to produce several times more than needed in an inefficient way can never be Green. The new green is the old red. Out of love energy rich Russia bought a stake in Saaremaa wind energy park.

Estonian Windfarms projects are badly copied ideas from western Europe. What works there does not work in Estonia. Bad democratic procedures prevent making a proper choice and harming Estonia in many ways.

The Northsea is 7 times as windy. The frozen swallow Livonian seas are a novum. Sea cables are missing, and double the price. North Sea wind farms built upon the old oil industry sea infrastructure of 2000 drilling platforms. Kept alive by the carbon industry windfarms subsidize. Backup gas-turbine or nuclear plants in case the wind is not there are missing too.

State company Estonia Energy produces several times more Energy than Estonia needs. Estonia already produces more than it needs. The risk is for the Estonian people. Transporting Energy causes a 50 % cable loss. Cables for the windfarm planned are not there. Therefore Hydrogen frams are introduced. Bringing more systemic risk. We ask the simple question where the jobs are, because it lay bare the lack of economic logic most easely.

Estonian Energy Ponzi scheme.

It is just not tru that the Livonian sea will see hundreds of 400 meter high rotating towers and water fueld cars before you can see it in Berlin, London & Tokio.