why we were called nokillermills?

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Initially we wanted to place billboards along the Baltic road. Our brilliant national marketing strategist is famous for the best National commercials brought this campaign vision. We own the soil and have the billboards already. All government go on it’s knees this way after a while. It happens in other places in Europe. 

It happend that another strategy appeared to work well too. We just did apply EU rules to these EU projects (see above). TThat’s why the Environmental minister was kicked out. hat’s their fault. Easy for us. He got heath issues. Let’s say he got a hit by a killer mill ;-). Yes, true… windmills cause serious health issues. The National Energy chef got replaced too. The president had to do this, because she wanted a new job in Brussels (OECD) and then you must play to the EU rules off course.

We got done what we wanted. Both windmill park, rail project are frozen. The cutting in the forest stopped too. Our EU phone calls and explained that our parish was cut like the Amazon Forrest and so on. Then we explained that there is an issue with the corrupt map maker Hendriksson. He owns part of the Saaremaa windmill park(see previous posts) together with Russians. Just sitting on too many chairs. Not on my watch was the simple top EU comment! Result is that there is no easy EU money flow anymore. The whole project that is is just there for the big boss industry profit got a hit of a killer mill. ))    

We are really friendly foundation. We voted to call us the seal puppies friends too. Seal puppies are highly protected and would do the job too.It’s the most hugged and discussed and putted into in EU laws. It’s the EU normal.  (https://ec.europa.eu/environment/biodiversity/animal_welfare/seals/history.htm

Please join us. We defend a balanced interest of all. Local parishes with weak democracy are under attack n the first place. Democracy must be fought every time. Democracy means “Keep on singing” ALL the time! Our power to connect digital and speak out is huge. Just mail your view to us and we post to all.