Finish Tahkoluoto large offshore windmill farm STOPS! No permit. News August 2021.

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Many EU Windmill parks were killed until august 2021. No new permits.

Many EU Windmill parks were killed until august 2021. No new permits are allowed to give!

EU law violated

New field research is needed according to the new EU law to receive or keep a valid wind park permit.

The competent authority must set standards for each KMH. Standards must be properly be substantiated for the specific KMH. Need a thorough environmental assessment is needed Actual measurements and real research are needed for a specific wind farm. acting unlawfully justify a claim because of improper governmental management. See other posts or the link to your language version of the EU laweesti Keel, Euroopa Liidu Kohus PRESSITEADE nr 77/20 Luxembourg, 25. juuni 2020 Kohtuotsus (kohtuasi C-24/19).

Simply explained the law demands that humans are protected by maximum risks levels set upfront

Risk levels must be a part of the permit. Just like we do with other stuff, like a vaccine for example. In the EU we do not accept the Russian Sputnik vaccine, because it was not tested upfront. This law demands we test and limit the risks upfront just as we do with medicine. Doesn’t it sound logical? Windmills can kill: “Eitapjatuulikutele” or “no killer mills” is our name!

EU councils of state demand EU nations to set the values that do not harm people.

All over the EU windfarms are stopped. The Dutch court ordered a stop on all new building permits until the parliament decides on the critical values that must be based upon science upon real measurable data. Not a model. So, first, build 400-meter test windmills, then measure and research upon open science( Estonia has not we explained in other posts). Then set values. When governments (like Häädemeeste parish on august 5th 2021) try to bypass these rules they are liable because of improper management and ignoring the law. It’s above all very undemocratic, just before elections, after the Sea planning was killed, the parish rejected KMH, The Green deal offers an alternative (see other recent posts). If they still do so, the permits they all cheat on are void (as if they did not exist). Here is the Dutch newspaper that explains.

This EU law applies also uneconomic use of resources, article 5 of the Estonian constitution.

Estonians remember the soviet times when uneconomic usage polluted and killed people. To prevent that from happening again all activity must be economically sound in Estonia. Demand-driven, not pushed by plans or the state like in the old times. For example. Estonia now builds 7 times more wind energy than it needs. Making more than you need is uneconomic too.

It’s also not the task of Estonian Energy to risk business outside the country too. Risks like this are for the taxpayer. You cannot copy a windmills success from wind west-EU to 7 times less windy and icy Estonia and expect to make a profit. Happy to have art 5. and this EU law to protect the people. This law protects against dumb businessmen who make their profit based on subsidations and selling Estonian land and sea (&forest) abroad. Please support us & Estonia by telling this story around or donate!

We applied to this new law to this important research on wind.

Published on July 2021 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, ( that proofs windfarms lower the natural wind by 50% more power. 60 % more clouds and 60 percent moister and 0,7 degrees higher ( ) temperature for Häädemeeste. Man-made climate change that kills tourism and agriculture/forest. No more Kiting! ))). (Also Research done by Steven Sherwood (University of New South Wales, Australia). According to EU law, the parish must limit these risks by given max values. Otherwise, the permit is void (unlawful or as if it did not exist). Acting unlawfully justifies a claim because of improper governmental management. Decommissioning/building pollution/disasters must be described in the permit as well.

ALSO: Public consultations for the Triton offshore wind farm project off the coast of Skåne are ongoing.  less than 30 km south of Ystad in the Swedish economic zone. Public consultations on the project are currently underway.

Wind farms are already subject to environmental assessments during construction, but according to lawyer Peter de Lange they are very outdated. ”There was no actual measurement. Wind turbines now have a height of 250 meters. The sound effects of this are very different from those of a 75 meter high windmill, which is taken into account in the general standards. That really has to change,” he tells the lawyer.

Also Interesting is that the “shadow” is an argument. Windmills in front of the sunset matter!


Not only windmills are stopped. All industries must follow the new EU law.

The power from the mills goes through Cables and the project comes with an explosive hydrogen factory. EE produces 7 times more energy than Estonian use. They sell the land, sea, and forest to foreign industries to get EU subsidations. Come to small parishes to bribe and bypass democracy for a quick sale.”

UPDATE 10/8/2021

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