EU Windmill scam explained.

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The EU Green deal offers milliards Euro for wind energy. But how to get it? Though businessmen offer “full service” to skim off Small communities through the backdoor.  Quote from. (

Precooked undemocratic with terrible shortages are the result. Windmills need a high voltage cable to deliver.  Even a watercooler comes with a cable. The 1 Billion cable for only 300 million wind park left out of the KMH for today info meeting: The brochure 

Electrical equipment comes with manual and warnings. This windmill manual does not tell what kind of windmill we can expect and also has no safety warnings. Also building and decommissioning are not discussed in small communities. Tallinn has double the wind, but windmills run on subsidizing. Locals are victims of this scam.  

Van Oord / Smit Salvage Kursk Submarine lifters and got kicked out Estonia first and unexplained welcomed back by our president who worked in the Energy sector. It’s not for lifting MS Estonia to show the hole made by the Swedish submarine.


This is how we get rid of windmill subsidization that abuses weak local communities like ours.

There are more windmill scams. Love the presentation of this one too!

Watch the windmill mafia movie hit. Just like in Häädemeeste now! (subtitle ENG)