Windmills are an national security issue in Sweden. Russia owns a part of Saaremaa wind Energy.


Military authorities in Sweden last year shot down (metaphorically, we should stress) a second plan for turbines off the southern province of Blekinge. The concerns of the US Navy are seen as a major barrier to the growth of offshore wind off California,

Estonia depends 99 percent on the Narva power plant at the Russian border. Estonia needs to be independent with energy. We are a digital economy Russia can switch off any second. Vunarable Windmills made by Russians? Please inform yourself. A naive plan. In case the wind does not blow, we need 3 expensive gasturbine plants first. We need them for Estonian defence too. Take your independence serious!?

Windmill parks causes other human activity like tourism to stop. Real estate prices drop. Fishing stops. Yachting industry development stops. The 300 Meter windmill towers are risky vulnerable industrial monsters. We live in times of crises the needed EU subsidization till 2050 is uncertain. An you see above Russians are involved. Please think before we give away our land and sea. Estonia is just a few decades independent!

Why Estonia needs twice more windmills then Finland? Estonia does not even underground cables. Many people loose power twice a months! All power comes from Narva. We need a reliable power infrastructure.